Korean Translations Now Available For Critical Information & Control Standards

Korean Translations Now Available For Critical Information & Control Standards

By Natalie Shim, SEMI Korea

SEMI is proud to announce the publication of its first Korean language translations of nine critical equipment communication standards.

As Korea has two major semiconductor chip makers, standards for fab automation have long been considered essential. Specifically, semiconductor equipment interface protocol for equipment–to-host data communication standards are widely used in Korea. In order to increase local adoption and implementation, SEMI, in cooperation with the Korea Semiconductor Industry Association, has been working on the translations and published them in August 2013. The initial nine standards were selected based on the input of the Korea chapter of the SEMI Information and Control Committee, who provided their expertise in choosing the most critical nine SEMI Software standards and also helped review the translated documents.  

The leaders of the Korea chapter expect these standards to provide a better working environment for Korean engineers, and further the contribution of SEMI to the Korean semiconductor industry.

In order to expand the adoption of these standards, SEMI Korea will be holding a Standards Technical Education Program on Friday November 22, 2013 at L-Tower, Seoul. To register, please contact Ms. Natalie Shim in the SEMI Korea office at eshim@semi.org.

SEMI E-Series Standards (Korean Translations)

  • SEMI E5-0712     SEMI 장비 커뮤니케이션 표준2 메세지 내용
  • SEMI E30-0611   제조장비제어와 커뮤니케이션을 위한 일반적 모델
  • SEMI E39-0703 (Reapproved 1109)            객체 서비스 표준: 컨셉트, 동작, 서비스
  • SEMI E40-0312   프로세싱 관리 표준
  • SEMI E84-1109 캐리어 핸드오프 병렬 I/O 인터페이스 강화 사양
  • SEMI E87-0312   캐리어 관리 사양
  • SEMI E90-0312   기판 추적 사양
  • SEMI E94-0312   컨트롤 잡 관리 사양

SEMI Standards Watch, October 2013