ISS 2014 Speaker: Matt Gertken, Stratfor_Biography

Matt Gertken, Ph.D.
Senior East Asia Analyst 

Matt Gertken is a Senior East Asia Analyst at STRATFOR, where he focuses on politics and economics in Japan, Southeast Asia, and the broader Asia Pacific, including China. He researches and writes analysis, shapes forecasts, crafts special reports and gives executive briefings to Fortune 500 clients and other leading companies around the world.

Dr. Gertken learned the ropes of East Asian affairs at STRATFOR after joining as an intern in 2007. He has also researched topics in Europe, the Former Soviet Union, Africa and Latin America. He earned his doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin, where he also received a Churchill Scholarship in British Studies. His dissertation focused on literature and geopolitics at the dawn of the British Empire. He holds a master's degree from the University of Cambridge (U.K.) and a bachelor's from the University of Kansas.

Dr. Gertken has appeared on Fox Business News, CNBC Asia and Bloomberg TV. He has spoken at international conferences and given interviews for numerous print and broadcast media, including Radio Australia, Voice of America, Xinhua, World Politics Review, Kiplinger Letter, AOL’s Daily Finance Blog, The John Bachelor Show and The Australian Financial Review.


Areas of Expertise:
East Asia and the Pacific