SMC 2013 Abstract: Hughes Metras, CEA/LETI

M&NEMS: A Generic Platform for Ultra-Miniaturized, Low-Power and Low-Cost Sensors

Hughes Metras
Vice President Strategic Partnership, North America

One of the benefit of mono-crystalline material is its ability to be scaled down to nanometer ranges while coexisting with microstructures. Combined with the process flexibility displayed by SOI wafers, this has enabled Leti to design and prototype a new generation of miniaturized sensors that can meet the specifications of future consumer devices applications. The Micro & Nano Electromechanical Sensor Platform provides a unique solution for reduced form factor devices, multi-sensor dies as well as low power consumption. It is also enabling innovative and disruptive architectures for mass detection in the chemical sensing field : multi-analytes gas sensing when combined with micro-separation techniques and large particles or molecules detection when set up as a Mass Spectrometry instrument.