Biography: Patrick O'Connor, Applied NanoStructured Solutions LLC

Patrick O'Connor
Director, Business Development & Strategy
Applied NanoStructured Solutions

Patrick O'Connor has degrees in Engineering and Business from Purdue University. He has extensive experience in leading positions within business development, manufacturing, research & development. His focus for the past 20 years has been the commercialization of leading edge technologies.   Patrick served as CEO of Canadian nanotechnology firms Nanox & Nanometrix.  He led Nanometrix to a number of International Awards - Named to NASA Tech Briefs Nano 50, NSTI Award, Tokyo, and SEMI Technology Innovation Showcase. "The Nano 50 Awards are the best of the best - the innovative people and technologies that will continue to move nanotechnology to key mainstream markets," Linda L. Bell, publisher of Nanotech Briefs. Patrick also served as CTO of Bragg Photonics in Montreal.  During the course of his career he has been a driving force behind the formation of Hoya Lens of America, Diamonex (Monsanto) & Transitions Optical.