SMC 2013 Abstract - Prof. Mark Brogersma, Stanford

Semiconductor and Metallic Building Blocks for Future Optoelectronic Devices

Mark Brongersma
Professor and Keck Faculty Scholar
Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials
Stanford University

Nanophotonics is an exciting new field of science and technology that is directed towards making the smallest possible structures and devices that can manipulate light. Until recently, it was thought that the fundamental laws of diffraction would preclude much further miniaturization of the micron-scale photonic devices we have today. In this presentation, I will show how nanoscale semiconductor and metallic building blocks can mold the flow of light in unexpected ways and well below the diffraction limit. As light plays an important role in a wide variety of chipscale technologies, it is a worthwhile exercise to explore the many opportunities that this newly found ability might bring. I will illustrate the use of metallic and high-refractive index semiconductor nanostructures in a variety of applications, including chipscale light sources, modulators, and photodetectors. I will also discuss how nanoscale building block in such devices can often perform multiple functions (e.g. electrical, optical, thermal,..etc) at the same time. This may provide opportunities to more densely integrate devices/functions on a chip.