European Path to 450mm, Test & Packaging, and MEMS Highlight SEMICON Europa 2013

European Path to 450mm, Test & Packaging, and MEMS Highlight SEMICON Europa 2013

SEMICON Europa, to be held October 8-10, 2013 in Dresden, Germany, comes at a time when the industry is preparing for an expected 20 percent increase in global capital spending. According to the SEMI World Fab Forecast (, semiconductor equipment spending will double in Europe next year, from US$ 2.4 billion to over $5 billion in 2014.

European semiconductor manufacturers, fabless/fab-light companies, and suppliers access to critical buyers, R&D funding, partnership opportunities, and technologies necessary to participate in the planned transition to 450mm wafer processing and other critical next-generation fab requirements will highlight SEMICON Europa.  In the two-day special program, “450mm: Towards a Global Cooperation,” leaders from the Global 450 Consortium (G450C), European research European Commission and other public-funded projects, and leading suppliers will present and discuss the path to participate in the future of the semiconductor manufacturing. Other conference programs at SEMICON Europa ( will explore the critical issues in Fab Management, 3D-IC and Advanced Packaging, MEMS, Test, and other subjects.

450mm: Towards a Global Cooperation

Earlier this year, the European Commission announced an ambitious new semiconductor manufacturing strategy involving over €700 million in European Commission, Member State and industry funding. This was the beginning of a wave of investment to be launched in the coming months to years to regain market share for manufacturing in Europe. Already over 120 supplier partners — 30 percent small- to medium-sized enterprises — are participating in the development and commercialization program, whose outcome will impact both current 300mm and future 450mm semiconductor manufacturing. The global gateway for public funding, access to key customers, and participation in critical technology development trends will take place through the SEMICON Europa 450mm conference and workshop program.  Keynote and featured speakers in the 450mm program include:

  • Paul Farrar, general manager, G450C
  • Michael Liehr, CNSE executive vice president of Innovation and Technology, University at Albany
  • Peter Csatáry, head of Group Global Technologies, M+W Group
  • Bas van Nooten, director of European Cooperative Programs, ASMI and representative, EEMI450
  • Menachem Shoval, chairman of Board, METRO450
  • Lothar Pfitzner, department head, Fraunhofer IISB
  • Bernie Capraro, program manager of EU Research, Intel
  • Andreas Wild, executive director, ENIAC
  • Denis Rousset, program director of Technologies, CATRENE

Leading Packaging and Test Experts

The Advanced Packaging Conference at SEMICON Europa will feature two keynotes presentations from the #1 Fabless and the #1 OSAT in the world. Ho-Ming Tong, GM and chief R&D officer of ASE Group, and Steve Bezuk, senior director of Qualcomm, will present at the 2013 conference themed “The Power of Packaging.” The conference will cover aspects of Power Handling, Size, Interconnection Interfaces, Thermal Management, and Heat Dissipation. Wafer-Level Packaging and 3D Packaging will be addressed as well.

The APC program will shed light on recent application-specific packaging technologies, processing and manufacturing related technologies which can be leveraged as key enablers for cost-efficient electronic devices and systems. The conference will provide a unique opportunity to learn more about new developments, package technologies, applications and package solutions for various products used in power applications and system integration. The speaker “line up” is impressive, with representatives of companies such as Robert Bosch, STMicroelectronics, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Nanium, SPIL, Yole Developpement, and more.

SEMICON Europa also features an interactive Test event combining keynotes, regular presentations and panel discussions — the 15th European Manufacturing Test Conference is entitled “Semiconductor Test: A Reactive or Proactive Industry?” The event will include both Future Horizons and VLSI Research delivering keynote presentations. Malcolm Penn, CEO of Future Horizons, will share his controversial views in a presentation called, “Last Stop before Invoicing … No Pressure, Just Ship!”  Risto Puhakka, president of VLSI Research, will describe the market and the opportunities ahead in a presentation called “The Technology and Market Forces Shaping the Future of Test.”  

The first day at EMTC concludes with a panel debating the issue "Is Test Becoming a Commodity?" which takes a critical look at whether the test industry in Europe is a leader or follower of other semiconductor market segments. On the second day of the event, the panel discussion will discuss “How do we leverage EU leadership in MEMS test into other areas?”  The EMTC focuses on (Design for) Test Technologies, Approaches and Equipment that are being developed in Europe and elsewhere. Attendance for this conference is “a must” for Product and Test Engineers, as well as for their managers. As the conference also discusses breakthrough methodologies which impacts Test Operations, test-fab managers and decision makers also should attend and participate.

Next Level of MEMS Industry Development

Driven by value-creating applications in mobile phones, automotive, displays and other systems, the global MEMS industry has grown to over $11 billion in 2012, a 10 percent compound annual average growth rate since 2008. The next stage of MEMS industry development is forecast to grow even faster, but industry drivers will diversify to include new technologies, new business models and new manufacturing strategies. How these new growth drivers will impact MEMS device manufacturers, fabless MEMS companies, MEMS foundries,  MEMS equipment and materials suppliers will be the focus of the SEMI International MEMS/MST Industry Forum, held in conjunction with SEMICON Europa (, on October  7-8, 2013.

Under the theme, “Taking MEMS to the Next Level,” leaders from all sectors of the MEMS value chain will address the critical issues enabling and challenging industry growth prospects for the coming 3-5 year period. Keynote speakers include:

  • Benedetto Vigna, executive vice president, STMicroelectronics
  • Ulrich Krumbein, senior principal, Device Physics Discretes, Infineon
  • Ali Foughi, vice president, Marketing and Business Development, InvenSense
  • Barnett Silver, senior vice president, ATREG
  • Dave Thomas, marketing director, Etch Products, SPTS

Other speakers at the two-day conference include technology, manufacturing, application, and business executives from MEMS industry leaders such as, Freescale, IHS, X-Fab, Yole Developpment, Tronics, Lewel Group, Si-Ware Systems, Veeco, EV Group and more. Topics to be discussed include application trends in inertial sensors, microphones, optical, automotive, bio-medical, and other areas. Technology subjects include advanced packaging, system-on-a-chip, advanced deposition and etch processes, wafer bonding, and inspection/test. A special session has been organized that will look at the rise of fabless MEMS companies and the new foundry services and capabilities that have arisen to meet the needs of this sector.

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October 1, 2013