Biography: Hughes Metras, CEA-LETI

Hughes Metras
VP, Strategic Partnerships, North America
CEA-LETI, France

Hughes Metras is VP in charge of Strategic Partnerships in North America for CEA-LETI, a major European R&D lab with 200 and 300 mm facilities in Grenoble France. He is also a visiting staff member at Caltech in the framework of the Alliance for Nanosystems VLSI where he is in charge of business development for the US region.

Previously, Hughes was VP Marketing and Sales, in charge of business development and strategic planning. He coordinated Leti's sales and marketing teams in the field of semiconductors (advanced CMOS as well as heterogenous integration), imaging and photonics, biomedical technologies as well as telecommunications.

Mr. Metras is based in Pasadena, California.