Biography: Robert Fleming, Graphene Technologies

Robert Fleming
Director of Polymer Research
Graphene Technologies

Prior to Joining Graphene Technologies in May 2013, Dr. Fleming was the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Shocking Technologies.   Dr. Fleming has 25 years of experience in developing products in the fields of chemistry, polymers, nano-materials, and materials science.  Prior to joining Shocking Technologies, Dr. Fleming worked for the 3M Corporation.  As Program Manager, he led R&D projects in the areas of nanoparticles, displays, optical films, photovoltaics, light emitting diodes (LED), and organic light emitting devices (OLED).  Dr. Fleming is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt with expertise in New Product Introduction (NPI) systems.  Previously, Dr. Fleming held quality control and development positions at Hoechst-Celanese Corporation in the field of microporous membranes for battery separators.  Dr. Fleming started his career at Nations-Ford Chemicals conducting a wide range of chemistry synthesis.  Dr. Fleming received the Inventor Excellence Award from the State of Minnesota (1999) and the Hoechst-Celanese Excellence in Polymer Science Award (1992).  Dr. Fleming is a Member of the American Chemical Society and the Materials Research Society.  He holds over 30 US patents.  Dr. Fleming received his MS and PhD degrees in polymer science and engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and his BS in chemistry from Winthrop University.