SMC 2013 Abstract - Greg Carman, UCLA

Nanoscale Multiferroics For Future Electro-Magnetic Devices

Prof. Greg P. Carman, Ph.D.,
Director Translational Applications of Multiferroic Systems TANMS, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department,

Present day electromagnetic devices rely on a discovery made by Oersted 200 years ago where a current passing through a wire generates a magnetic field.  While extremely useful this approach has significant limitations in the small scale.  Recent discoveries suggest that a ferromagnetic material’s intrinsic magnetization can be manipulated with an electric field and thereby overcome the deficiencies associated with Oersted’s discovery. One multiferroic approach relies on mechanically coupling a piezoelectric material to a magnetostrictive material where an electric field induces a strain to reorient the magnetostrictive material’s magnetization state.  Using physical phenomenon present in nanoscale magnetic elements significantly enhances the electric field induced magnetic changes with efficiencies that could approach 60%.   This presentation will provide motivation, experimental data, and potential applications (memory, motors, and antennas) multiferroic materials offer the engineering/scientific community.