Biography: Xiaoying Rong, California Polytechnic State University

Xiaoying Rong, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Graphic Communication Department
California Polytechnic State University

Dr. Xiaoying Rong is an Associate Professor in Graphic Communication Department at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo. Graphic Communication Department of Cal Poly is one of the best Graphic Communication programs in the nation. The program focuses on commercial printing, publishing, and functional printing. Dr. Rong joined Cal Poly in 2005. Her expertise areas are screen printing, gravure printing, commercial offset printing, digital printing, inks and substrates, printability, wide and grand format printing, industrial printing, consumer packaging, and printed electronics. Dr. Rong’s most recent research includes screen printing characterization for low viscosity and thin ink film, screen printing for electroluminescent display, integration of functional printing to commercial printing products, active and intelligent packaging solutions. Dr. Xiaoying Rong received her Ph.D. degree from Western Michigan University in Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Imaging.