SMC 2013 Abstract - James Lamb, Brewer Science

“Recent Advancements in Carbon-Based Nanomaterial Inks and Solutions for Electronics Applications ”

 James E. Lamb III
Director of the Carbon Electroncis Center, Brewer Science, Inc.


Carbon nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are promising for both printed electronics and for CMOS device production. In this talk we will present an overview of carbon nanomaterial applications in the areas of printed electronics including large-area, high-speed processing and direct printing of conductors and sensor devices as well as CMOS applications for nanotube non-volatile memory (NRAM® memory). Key market drivers and obstacles to adoption will be presented as well as Brewer Science’s focus on optimizing these materials for commercial applications. For both printed electronics and CMOS applications, many of these drivers and obstacles are similar and a common approach is taken. Recent advancements in CNT-based materials and methods for applying them to flexible substrates such as polyethylene terphthalate (PET) will be reported. Materials developed for ink-jet, Aerosol Jet®, and screen printing will be shown, as will materials for spray and draw-bar coating. All materials cure at low temperatures and require no rinsing, which is critical for reducing production cost and minimizing waste.