SMC 2013 Abstract -Pallavi Madakasira, Lux Research

WBG Devices and the Grid Opportunity

Pallavi Madakasira
Analyst, Lux Research

With significant investment and rapid improvements in performance of high-power-grid-tied inverters and converters, manufacturers are being forced to examine their choice of power electronics transistors and circuit topologies to continue raising the bar. As incremental improvements in performance for conventional silicon-based inverters are decelerating, materials-based device innovations like silicon carbide and gallium nitride stand to keep pace with these demands – notably, increasing reliability and reducing cost.  This talk will provide an insight into how the new material -power electronics is likely to influence the solar PV industry, highlighting the cost, performance and reliability improvements that can result by switching to these new materials. It will analyze the potential effects of such adoption on the balance of systems, clearly differentiating system level advantages compared to present systems. Further, it will examine how development and progress in the solar sector can be applied to the broader on-grid application of these emerging power electronic devices.