SMC 2013 Abstract - Laurie E. Locascio, NIST

The Materials Genome Initiative & NIST

Laurie E. Locascio, Ph.D.
Director, Material Measurement Laboratory

Last year, President Obama announced the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) to accelerate and support the rate of innovation in US-based advanced materials.  MGI is a multi-agency initiative designed to create a new era of policy, resources, and infrastructure that support U.S. institutions in the effort to discover, manufacture, and deploy advanced materials twice as fast, at a fraction of the cost. During its first two years, the MGI has come a long way. What started out as a modest investment of roughly $63 million by four Federal agencies has since expanded into a multi-stakeholder endeavor valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars and involving universities, companies, professional societies, and scientists and engineers from across the country—all working together to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of materials science and innovation. This presentation will provide an update on MGI with a specific focus on advanced electronic materials and how companies can benefit and participate in the initiative. 

The Material Measurement Lab has more than 900 staff members and visiting scientists, an annual budget of more than $160 million, and serves as the nation's reference laboratory for measurements in the chemical, biological and materials sciences through activities ranging from fundamental research in the composition, structure and properties of industrial, biological, and environmental materials and processes, to the development and dissemination of certified reference materials, critically evaluated data and other measurement quality assurance programs. The Material Measurement Laboratory serves a broad range of industry sectors ranging from transportation to biotechnology, and provides research, measurement services and quality assurance tools for addressing problems of national importance ranging from assessment of climate change, to the investigation of new sources of renewable energy, to improved diagnostics and therapies for health care.