Biography: Ali Keshavarzi, Cypress Semiconductor

Ali Keshavarzi, Ph.D.
Vice President of R&D
Cypress Semiconductor

Ali Keshavarzi received a Ph.D. from Purdue University and has over 15 years of industry experience. Ali is currently a Vice President of technical staff of R&D at Cypress. Ali is working on advanced technologies, logic, SoC, SRAM and non-volatile technologies and design, 3DIC, and R&D requirements of internal Cypress start-ups. Prior to Cypress, Ali was a Fellow and Director of Advanced Technology Architecture at GLOBALFOUNDRIES defining 14nm technology architecture to enable launching a variety of SoC products for a very broad range of systems and applications. Previously, Ali has worked at TSMC as a Director of Design and Technology Platforms defining and leading device and circuit co-optimization for the 20nm technology platform. He also worked on the future FinFET-based technologies for continued technology scaling and published at IEDM 2010. Prior to TSMC, Ali worked at Intel Corporation in various capacities, most recently as a principal research scientist at Intel Labs in low-power/high-performance circuit techniques and transistor device structures for future generations of microprocessors. Ali has over 40+ patents, over 40+ papers, has received best-paper awards, and has received the prestigious Intel Achievement Award (IAA). Ali has served on the TPC committees of ISSCC, IEDM, A-SSCC, ISLPED, ISQED and was the general chair of ISLPED. Ali has delivered an invited talk at IEDM 2011 on architecting a FinFET-based technology platform to design SoCs in 14nm and beyond.