Adrian Maynes, F450C / M+W U.S., Inc. – Biography

Adrian Maynes, Program Manager, Director, Facility 450mm Consortium (F450C); M+W U.S., Inc. – A Company of the M+W Group

Adrian Maynes was appointed as the M+W Group Program Manager for the Facility 450mm Consortium (F450C) in August of 2013.  The F450C is a first-of-its-kind partnership at SUNY’s College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) that is leading the global effort to design and build next-generation 450mm computer chip fabrication facilities. The collaboration includes 10 of the world’s leading nano-electronics facility companies. Members of the F450C work closely with the Global 450mm Consortium (G450C – Intel, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, IBM, TSMC, Samsung), to identify viable solutions required for 450mm high-volume facility construction, with initial focus areas to include reducing tool installation cost and duration, and improving facility sustainability.

Prior to his appointment as F450C Program Manager, Adrian worked to catalyze growth of Latin America’s technology economy, crafting M+W Group’s business plan for the region and helping inaugurate the company’s Mexico City office in October 2011. Adrian led the formation of a full-service local team of professionals to carry out design and construction services throughout Latin America, serving many of M+W Group’s global clients. This office’s annual sales now eclipse $100 million USD.

Adrian’s new role in the F450C consortium returns his focus to cleanroom-based production facilities. Prior to his work in Mexico City, Adrian directed Business Development efforts to expand M+W Group’s presence in the photovoltaic industry.  While cultivating business prospects with a skilled team of design & construction personnel, Adrian’s team generated $155M in revenue and helped M+W Group achieve a milestone of over 10 gigawatts of solar production capacity delivered. 

Upon joining M+W Group in 2006, Adrian served as the Platform Lead for Industrial Engineering, where he worked to engineer facility requirements for much of SUNY CNSE’s initial semiconductor research & development space.  He also helped create preliminary design for AMD’s Fab 4X – an effort that eventually developed into the GLOBALFOUNDRIES Fab 8.1 project in Saratoga County, NY.

Prior to joining M+W Group, Adrian worked as an Industrial Engineer with Intel in Santa Clara, CA and Rio Rancho, NM, and as a Supervisor at Johnson & Johnson in Round Rock, TX.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from New Mexico State University.