Gautam Banerjee, Air Products & Chemicals - Biography

Gautam Banerjee, Ph.D., Strategic Partnerships Manager, Air Products & Chemicals - Electronics Division

Dr. Gautam Banerjee is currently the Strategic Partnerships Manager at Air Products – Electronics Division and an assignee at SEMATECH, Center for Nano Science and Engineering, SUNY- Albany. He is responsible for Strategic Partnerships with all the chip manufacturing companies who are members of the SEMATECH/CNSE/G450C consortia, in the area of various dielectric and metal precursors, cleaning solutions and planarization consumables/delivery systems- needed for semiconductor chip manufacturing.  Prior to his current role, he has also served Air Products in the various roles as Global Application Manager, Business Manager and R&D Manager of wet cleans, CMP slurries and post CMP cleans. Before Air Products, Dr. Banerjee worked as the R&D manager in Ashland Specialty Chemical Company in Dublin, OH and as the senior Scientist/integration manager at Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, Phoenix, AZ. He has been visiting/supporting customers at all the fabs in the world for over a decade.  Dr. Banerjee has numerous publications and patents (issued and applied) to his credits. He has been invited to talk about his areas of research at many international symposia/conferences in different countries. He is familiar with several European and Asian languages and cultures besides being multilingual within India.