First-ever Silicon Innovation Forum Held at SEMICON West

First-ever Silicon Innovation Forum Held at SEMICON West

The Silicon Innovation Forum at SEMICON West 2013 on July 9 brought together new and emerging companies with the semiconductor industry’s top strategic investors and leading technology partners. The forum included a conference (open to all SEMICON West attendees) featuring a keynote  presentation, panel discussion on the industry’s innovation pipeline,  and the Pitch Zone, a dynamic session consisting of short presentations  on exciting new business opportunities and technology ideas from a  diverse collection of new and emerging companies.

SifThe SIF Innovation Showcase and Networking Reception followed the conference and included one-on-one opportunities to meet with the industry’s leading strategic investors, venture capital companies, and other potential investment partners.

At the end of the SIF Reception, awards were presented to the following companies:

The Best Pitch Awards were presented to Dave Mather, CEO of MTPV Power Corp and Raul Camposano, CEO of Nimbic. 

Dave Mather highlighted how MTPV Power semiconductor chips can covert heat directly into electricity. Much like a solar panel will convert sunlight into electricity, Dave explained how MTPV chips can convert any source of heat into electricity with breakthrough efficiency and power.

Raul Camposano presented how semiconductor design drivers — such as higher frequencies and 3D-IC packaging — are making it increasingly necessary to perform electromagnetic simulation and to calculate the complex electromagnetic fields to accurately model the tens- to hundreds-of-thousands of elements in Chip-Package-Board design.  Nimbic's nWave 3D fullwave helps provide the rapid analysis needed for precision signal integrity, power integrity and EMI design issues.

Best Poster Awards were awarded to Intrinsiq Materials Inc. and Pixelligent Technologies LLC.

Intrinsiq highlighted their suite of compatible materials for the electronics industry.  This included an illustration of how plasma generated nanomaterials are coated and dispersed into ink and paste solutions suitable for inkjetting, screen-printing and other commercial printing methods. Intrinsiq is developing Ni, NiSi, and Si inks for the semiconductor and solar industry in addition to our already available copper inks.

Pixelligent Technologies poster focused on their innovations in the manufacturing high-quality nanocrystal dispersions and polymer nanocomposites for applications in the electronics and semiconductor markets. Pixelligent’s nanocrystals are uniquely suited for applications to advance silicon manufacturing, including semiconductor lithography and high refractive index packaging materials for CMOS imaging sensors (CIS). In lithography, the nanocomposites can be used to make photoresist and hard mask materials with improved etch resistance and etch selectivity


Companies judging the presentation included: Alloy Ventures, Applied Ventures, BASF Ventures, BASF Ventures, Dow Ventures, Intel Capital, imec, Lam Research, Micron Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Samsung Ventures, Synopsys, and TEL Venture Capital.

Silicon Innovation Forum Presenters and Companies

Materials Categories

  • John D. Heaton, executive VP and GM, Advenira (Materials)
  • Marianne Germaine, CEO, EpiGaN (Materials)
  • Andrew Grenville, CEO, Inpria (Materials)
  • Sujatha Ramanujan, COO, Intrinsiq Materials Inc. (Materials)
  • Craig Bandes, president and CEO, Pixelligent  Technologies LLC (Materials)
  • Lynn Forester, CEO and Co-Founder, Quantum Semiconductor LLC (Materials)
  • Hash Pakbaz, President & COO, SBA Materials, Inc. (Materials)
  • David Mather, president & CEO, MTPV Power Corp (Materials, Equipment Supplier, Sub-Assembly/Components, Services)
  • Carl Griffiths, CEO, Seren Photonics Ltd (Materials, Services, Provide IP to Fab Level  companies)
  • Brenor Brophy, president & CEO, Enki Technology, Inc. (Materials)

Electromagnetic Simulation For SI, PI and EMI

  • Raul Camposano, CEO, Nimbic

EUV/Inspection Metrology: 

  • Bob Lloyd, CEO, BrightSpec, Inc.  

 Flexible Electronics

  • John Brewer, CEO and president, Amorphyx (Flexible Electronics) 

Equipment Categories

  • Eryn Smith, CEO, Beam Services, Inc. (Equipment Supplier)
  • Scott Grimshaw, CTO, Colnatec (Equipment Supplier)
  • Gianpiero Tedeschi, CEO, Noivion Srl (Equipment Supplier)
  • Boris Kobrin, CEO, Rolith, Inc. (Equipment  Supplier)
  • Ryu Shioda, CTO, Wafer Integration Inc. (Equipment Supplier)
  • Rob Randhawa, founder and CEO, Planar Semiconductor (Equipment, 450mm, defect control)
  • Rajiv Singh, Founder and CTO, Sinmat Inc. (Equipment, 450mm, planarization)
  • David Ferran, CEO, Reno Sub-Systems (Equipment, on-tool gas delivery system)


  • Paul Blackborow, CEO, Energetiq Technology, Inc.

Intellectual Property

  • Zvi Or-Bach, president & CEO, MonolithIC 3D Inc.

Services, Software

  • Dadi Gudmundsson, president, Sensor Analytics

Silicon-based Chemical Sensors

  • Richard B Brown, CEO, e-SENS

SEMICON West 2014 ( will be held July 8-10. For more information on the Silicon Innovation forum, please contact Margaret Kindling at

August 6, 2013