Diving Deep — because Materials Matter

Diving Deep — because Materials Matter

By Karen Savala, president, SEMI Americas

We hope you had a productive and enjoyable time at SEMICON West.  Despite the lackluster marketplace, this year’s SEMICON West achieved a 15 percent increase in unique visitors and over an 18 percent increase in R&D titles.  We were also happy to see such strong attendance at the keynotes, executive panels and TechXPOT stages, confirming our claim that SEMICON West delivers the most well-informed and influential speakers (and audience) in the industry.

One of the strongest programs at SEMICON West 2013 was the materials program produced by the Chemical & Gases Manufacturer Group (CGMG), a SEMI special interest group.  This session, entitled, “Materials Growth Opportunities at Both Ends of the Spectrum” attracted over 450 people, more than any dedicated materials session we’ve ever had at SEMICON West.  And it’s no surprise. Innovations in materials are driving leading-edge semiconductor development.  Material markets are growing as the result of opportunities for both large geometry devices such as wide bandgap and printed electronics, and nano-scale devices at sub 22nm and beyond.

As much as materials took center stage at SEMICON West, the subject is simply too big and dynamic to cover in-depth at SEMICON West.  For the real “deep dive” into the critical trends and opportunities in advanced electronic materials, you must attend the Strategic Materials Conference (SMC), held October 16-17 at the Santa Clara Marriott in Silicon Valley, California.  SMC is the only executive conference in the world dedicated to advanced electronic materials. 

SMC provides valuable forecasting information and serves as a forum for collaboration among all sectors of the advanced materials supply chain. This year’s program will feature powerhouse keynote speakers including:

  • Luc Van den hove, president and CEO, imec
  • Gregg Bartlett, chief technology officer, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
  • Laurie E. Locascio, Ph.D., director, Material Measurement Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and co-chair of the US government’s ambitious and essential Materials Genome Initiative

Other top-tier speakers will address market forecasts, materials developments in memory and logic, packaging materials trends, and materials-enabled “Beyond CMOS” devices.  Speakers will also address emerging materials opportunities and challenges in printed electronics, wide bandgap power devices, and MEMS.   The conference will also explore regulatory threats to the microelectronics industry and directly confront the increasingly difficult collaboration challenges between manufacturers, process equipment companies and diverse materials suppliers.

Last year’s conference sold out and attendees are encouraged to register early to ensure participation.

For additional information, please visit, www.semi.org/smc.

Thank you for making SEMICON West such a great success and hope to see you at the Strategic Materials Conference, if not before.