EU Invests € 4.8 billion into Semiconductors; France Announces € 3.5 billion “Nano2017” Program

EU Invests € 4.8 billion into Semiconductors; France Announces € 3.5 billion “Nano2017” Program

By Rania Georgoutsakou, director, Public Policy, SEMI Europe

Investment in semiconductor manufacturing in Europe is picking up speed. Following the launch of the new EU 10/100/20 strategy, the European Commission has now announced a new EU funding instrument for nanoelectronics, ECSEL, with a total budget of 4,8 billion.  A few days later, the French government launched Nano2017, a five-year investment program worth €3,5 billion euro. With fab and equipment investment in Europe in 2014 expected to be in the range of US$ 5 billion, SEMI is supporting members to access this funding and benefit from the next wave of investment in Europe. Your next stop is SEMICON Europa with hands-on advice on how to get EU funding and opportunities to network and find potential partners.

New EU 10/100/20 strategy already underway

The new EU industrial strategy for micro- and nanoelectronics, dubbed the EU 10/100/20 strategy, is proving to be much more than words. Launched in the end of May 2013, it pledges € 10 billion public/private investment in research and manufacturing over the next 7 years, with the aim of Europe holding 20 percent of the global chip production market by 2020. The European semiconductor manufacturing industry committed € 100 billion investment to support the strategy. Early proof that Europe is serious about making chips came a few days later with the launch of five pilot lines, worth over € 700 million, and helping companies from across the entire supply chain develop and validate 450mm equipment, MEMS or GaN technologies for example.

France announces the ‘Nano2017’ € 3,5 billion investment program

On 22 July 2013 the French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault visited Grenoble and Crolles, accompanied by three ministers, to launch ‘Nano2017,’ a public/private research & development strategy for the period 2013-2017.  € 3,5 billion will be invested in research and manufacturing in the area. Public authorities will cover almost one third of the bill: € 600 million financing from the national government, € 400 million from the EU and € 100 million from local authorities. The program is led by STMicroelectronics and includes CEA-Leti, IBM and around 100 small and medium-sized companies from across the supply chain. STMicroelectronics alone will invest € 1,3 billion to double the production capacity of its 300mm fab in Crolles to around 7 000 silicon wafers a week.

 New EU funding instrument unveiled

In early July, the European Commission unveiled ECSEL — the new joint technology initiative (JTI) that will combine EU, national and private investments into electronic components and systems research and manufacturing in Europe.  ECSEL’s estimated budget is € 4,8 billion over the period 2014-2020: the EU and Member States will each contribute € 1,2 billion, with industry contributing at least half of the remaining € 2,4 billion. ECSEL will be launched in early 2014.

This new instrument is in fact a merger of the existing ENIAC (nanoelectronics) and ARTEMIS (embedded systems) joint technology initiatives, which together during the period 2008-2012 have funded over 100 projects worth in excess of € 2,8 million. These projects brought together 2000 partners, 40 percent of which were small and medium-sized companies.

Want to join Europe’s investment wave?

The SEMI World Fab Watch foresees fab and equipment spending in Europe to be in the range of $ 5 billion in 2014. Coupled with the increased investment opportunities that the new EU 10/100/20 strategy will spur, the European market is looking to grow in the next few years, creating important business opportunities for equipment and material suppliers.

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August 6, 2013