Atsuyoshi Koike, SanDisk - Biography

Atsuyoshi Koike
Senior Vice President, Technology and Fab Operations
SanDisk Corporation
President of SanDisk (Japan) Limited

Atsuyoshi Koike is SanDisk’s senior vice president of technology and fab operations, and president of SanDisk Limited, the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary in Japan. He joined SanDisk in 2006 from Renesas Technology, where he was a corporate chief engineer. Prior to that, Koike was president and chief executive officer of Trecenti Techologies, Inc., the first 300mm wafer manufacturing company for volume production. He also held various management positions in the semiconductor division of Hitachi Ltd. for more than 20 years, including general manager of the Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Center.

Koike earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in material science from Waseda University, Japan, and his doctorate in electrical engineering from Tohoku University, Japan.