R&D Engineers: “What’s at West for Me?”

R&D Engineers: “What’s at West for Me?”

By Karen Savala, president, SEMI Americas

Big changes are coming to the semiconductor industry — 450mm, 3D-IC, EUV Lithography, FinFETS, and FDSOI — to name a few.  Trying to keep up with the latest on the key trends and technologies on all these issues can be a major time investment but the alternative is falling behind…not really an option.  And that’s why R&D engineers now flock to SEMICON West to learn the latest — directly from the leading experts and leaders in the industry. In just three days (this year July 9-11), SEMICON West provides the answers that R&D engineers need to grow and excel at their jobs.  

Not surprisingly, the demographics of SEMICON West attendees are changing.  The number of R&D engineers attending the event increases every year. Engineers are now the second leading title of all attendees at SEMICON West.  Once an engineer attends, that engineer is very likely to return, again and again.

Because there’s really no substitute for SEMICON West. Over 50 hours of technical programs and over 680 exhibitors will provide the best answers, opportunities and benchmarks.  It brings together the entire supply chain to discuss future needs, technology developments, product requirements, and joint development issues

Among the programs specifically developed for R&D professionals are:

  • Silicon Innovation Forum: Over 25 start-ups and emerging companies in semiconductor manufacturing technology pitch their ideas to the top R&D leaders, corporate investor groups and VCs in an open forum
  • 450mm Wafer Transition: These programs address 450mm transition requirements and timing, new standardization efforts, and facility/EHS requirements
  • 3D-IC Packaging TechXPOTs: Multiple programs address the status of 3D IC applications and technology pathways to 2.5 and 3.0 heterogeneous integration
  • Advanced Materials and Processes: Speakers from imec, SEMATECH, STMicro, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and more discuss critical barriers and requirements for processing non-planar transistor architectures at sub-20nm
  • Extreme UV Lithography: In addition to the current planned status of EUV industrialization and throughput improvements, significant developments are occurring in multi-patterning 193 immersion lithography that will be implemented at leading fabs over the next 24 months
  • Research Consortia: The industry's top technical challenges and emerging program opportunities at CEA-Leti, G450C, imec, and SEMATECH will be discussed by their leading executives
  • Critical Challenges in LEDs, MEMS, Silicon Photonics, Printed and Flexible Electronics: Critical equipment, materials and process challenges in adjacent and related industries are addressed in several programs

These are just some of the programs available designed to help R&D managers, scientists and engineers from the semiconductor and adjacent industries stay ahead of the curve. This is not a just a technical conference — SEMICON West assembles the most informed, credible voices to present the status and current challenges in the micro- and nano-electronics manufacturing industries. 

Registration for SEMICON West is only $100 until July 5 and many of the above-mentioned programs are free with your expo badge. For more information on the programs at SEMICON West 2013 and to register, please visit www.semiconwest.org

July 1, 2013