Solid State Technology and SEMI Announce 2013 “Best of West” Award Finalists

Solid State Technology and SEMI Announce 2013 “Best of West” Award Finalists

Solid State Technology and SEMI today announced the finalists for the 2013 “Best of West” awards, recognizing important product and technology developments in the microelectronics supply chain. Held in conjunction with SEMICON West, the largest and most influential microelectronics exposition in North America, the Best of West finalists were selected based on their financial impact on the industry, engineering or scientific achievement, and/or societal impact.

The 2013 Best of West Finalists are: 

Essemtec: Scorpion — Jetting and dispensing system satisfies the demanding requirements of accuracy, stability and ultra‐high productivity for modern advanced packaging solutions; slew rate of piezo jet adjusts to handle wide range of viscous materials, providing stable droplet volumes; minimal setup time.  North Hall, Booth 5567(Category: Assembly/Packaging Solutions) 


Swagelok: M200Portable Calibration Unit — Extends servicing capabilities to equipment owners, providing added convenience, reduced costs, and improved efficiencies that can cut servicing timelines from days to minutes. South Hall, Booth 1431(Category: Components and Subsystems)

Mentor GraphicsMentor Graphics: Tessent TestKompress with Cell-Aware ATPG — Significantly improves on the standard process for testing digital integrated circuits;  reduces failure escape rate by detecting defects at the transistor level that are missed by traditional automatic test pattern generation (ATPG) techniques. North Hall, Booth 6243(Category: Silicon Test Solutions, Facilities & Software)


Ultratech: Superfast 3G — Using CGS technology, the Superfast 3G images the entire wafer at once to generate highly detailed wafer maps (800,000 points per map at 75wph). Superfast 3G measures wafer distortion used to compute device structure stresses and in-plane wafer surface displacements. South Hall, Booth 2019(Category: Metrology and Test)

SPTS Technologies: ReVia  — Endpoint detection technique for monitoring the progress of “via reveal” etch processes even at remarkably low (<0.01%) via densities; significantly increases yields for device manufacturers involved in emerging 3D packaging applications using TSVs. South Hall, Booth 1219 (Category: Wafer Processing Equipment)  


White Knight: Closed Loop Control System — Provides complete control of high purity chemical processes and delivery systems with customizable feedback capability to maintain optimum system performance; designed to support process tools that require a set flow or pressure at the point of use. South Hall, Booth 2423 (Category: Advanced Materials and Materials Management)

The Best of West Award winner will be announced during SEMICON West on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at 1:00pm.


July 1, 2013