Chicago: SEMI Member Day Held for the New North Central U.S. Region

Chicago:  SEMI Member Day Held for the New North Central U.S. Region 

SEMI members gathered in Chicago on June 12 for the first SEMI Member Day for members located in the northern Central U.S.  Terry Brewer, CEO of Brewer Science, has long been a proponent for SEMI being more active in the Central U.S. region, and he kicked off the meeting  with impassioned speech about how members need to be more active to realize the benefits of SEMI membership.

Participants heard from SEMI about federal Public Policy activities, an update on the equipment and materials market, and an overview of SEMI member programs and services.

Avinash Kant of DA Davidson provided an optimistic materials market investment perspective, stating that materials science is more important than ever as materials companies seek to apply their knowledge and products in adjacent markets. Finally, Rudy Kellner of FEI presented an overview of a new university program that the steering committee in the U.S. Pacific Northwest started in 2012 to raise the awareness of the semiconductor manufacturing industry to STEM field students at local universities.

Attendees at the event included:

  • Tony Meadors, Cast Aluminum
  • Avinash Kant, DA Davidson
  • Dan Pike, Cabot
  • Larry Sanderman, Cabot
  • Tim Hayden, Rite Track
  • Rick Baldasare, Rite Track
  • Dan McMillan, Cabot
  • Debbra Kokoly, Cabot
  • Bob Dunn, Notre Dame University
  • Kent Queensland, Lion Precision
  • Bob Touzalin, American Roll
  • Joe Stockunas, Nordson
  • Terry Brewer, Brewer Science
  • Doyle Edwards, Brewer Science
  • Karen Savala, SEMI

SEMI appreciates the support of both Brewer Science and Cabot Microelectronics who provided corporate support for the event. Member companies located in the northern Central U.S. can contact Karen Savala ( for further information.


Some of the attendees (pictured here) enjoyed a Chicago River and Lake Michigan Cruise after the business meeting.

July 1, 2013