Japan Information & Control Committee Meeting

SEMI® International Standards Program

Japan Information and Control Committee Meeting

Wednesday, June 19, 2013  14:00-17:00
JPR Conference Room 1+2, SEMI Japan office, Tokyo, Japan


1. Welcome and Call to Order
1.1. Self-Introduction
1.2. Agenda Review
1.3. SEMI Standards Legal Reminder
2. SEMI Staff Report
3. Review and Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes (2013/4/10)
4. Previous Action Item Review
5. Liaison Reports
5.1. NA Liaison Report
5.2. Europe Liaison Report
5.3. Taiwan Liaison Report
5.4. Korea Liaison Report
6. Yellow Ballot Review
6.1. None
7. Task Force Report and other meeting Reports (TF Leader)
7.1. AMHS TF
7.2. GEM300 TF
7.3. Equipment Information System Security (EISS) TF
7.4. Sensor Bus TF
7.5. Predictive Carrier Logistics (PCL) TF
8. Old Business
8.1. Proposal for SNARF for Revision to SEMI E98-0309 “Provisional Standard for the Object-Based Equipment Model (OBEM)” and SEMI E98.1-1102 (Reapproved 0309) “Provisional Specification for SECS-II Protocol for the Object-Based Equipment Model”
8.2. Proposal for Reapproval SNARF for SEMI E54.19-0308 “Specification for Sensor/Actuator Network for MECHATROLINK”
9. New Business
9.1. Proposal for Ballot Submission of #5486: New Standard: Specification for Predictive Carrier Logistics Information from Equipment to be used for Predictive Carrier Logistics Management (PCL)  (PCL TF)
9.2. Proposal for SNARF for New Standard: Specification for Wafer Object Modeling (GEM300 TF)
9.3. Proposal for SNARF for Line-item revision to SEMI E5, E40 and E40.1, removal of inconsistencies (GEM300 TF)
9.4. Proposal for SNARF for Revision to SEMI E54.12-0701E (Reapproved 1211) “Specification for Sensor/Actuator Network Communications for CC-Link” (Sensor Bus TF)
10. Next meeting
11. Adjournment

Standards Contact Information:

Chie Yanagisawa
Senior Standards Coordinator, SEMI Japan
Phone: 81.3.3222.5863