Updates to Regulations Governing the SEMI Standards Program

Updates to Regulations Governing the SEMI Standards Program

By Hirofumi Kanno, SEMI Japan

March 19, 2013 Edition of the Regulations Now Available

In early March, the International Standards Committee (ISC), the governing body for the SEMI International Standards Program, approved changes to the Regulations Governing SEMI Standards Program.

Addition of a New Category Called Complimentary File

Formerly, there was no named category of published information that was an official part of a Standard or Safety Guideline, but was published separately in a different file format. One example of this category was the XML schema files associated with a number of Information & Control (I&C) Standards and a Traceability Standard. The I&C Committee had requested that use of these files to comply with the associated Standards be a requirement.

This revision to the Regulations added a new category, called Complementary File, which met this need.  Its relationship to other types of material explicitly related to a Standard or Safety Guideline is presented in the following table.



Relationship to Standard or Safety Guideline

Official Part

Not Official Part

How Published

Conjoined to S or SG


Related Information

Not conjoined to S or SG and not in .pdf

Complementary File 

Various Materials

Also, editorial changes were made to improve clarity and provide better consistency with the Procedure Guide and Style Manual.

  • Clarifying the voting/nonvoting designations for members of committees
  • Defining MR as the acronym for Minority Report
  • Defining Program as shorthand for SEMI Standards Program

Additionally, the Procedure Guide, which documents common practices for SEMI Standards Program members, was also revised in late March 2013 in accordance with the revision of the Regulations. These changes include:

  • Definition of Complementary File
  • Addition of TFOF (Task Force Organization Form) as Appendix 2
  • Addition of recommendation for author and/or the TF leader to distribute draft ballot to all TF members 7 days prior to Letter Ballot submission.

Both the Regulations and the Procedure Guide are available on the SEMI Standards website. Direct URLs to access those documents are:

Regulation – March 19, 2013 (PDF file)

Procedure Guide – March 28, 2013 (PDF file)

For more information on recent changes to the Regulations and Procedure Guide, please contact your local SEMI Standards staff.

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