Biography - Kirk Hasserjian

Kirk Hasserjian, Corporate Vice President, Strategic Programs, Silicon Systems Group, Applied Materials, Inc.

Kirk Hasserjian is the corporate vice president of strategic programs for the Silicon Systems Group at Applied Materials, Inc., where he is responsible for the group’s long term strategic initiatives.  Prior to joining the Silicon Systems Group, he was the corporate vice president and general manager of the SunFab Thin Film Solar business, where he was responsible for the SunFab product line and support of SunFab customers.

Prior to joining Applied Materials, Mr. Hasserjian served in a variety of technical and management roles, most recently as senior vice president for Global Manufacturing Operations at FormFactor, Inc..  He previously spent 25 years at Intel Corporation, where he was vice president of  the company’s Flash Memory Group and director of California Technology and Manufacturing, responsible for leading Intel’s Flash memory technology development activities in NOR, NAND and future non-volatile memory technologies.  In addition, he held several technical and management positions in the company’s D2 development and manufacturing facility, including five years as D2 plant manager, where he managed the facility’s factory performance and all technology module development activities.

Mr. Hasserjian received his bachelor of science degree in chemistry from the University of San Francisco and a master of science degree in chemical engineering from Stanford University.