Russia is On the Move

Russia is On the Move

By Beat Mueller, director, Membership, SEMI Europe and CIS

Russia’s plan to revive the industry is shaping up and local as well as foreign companies are preparing themselves for the next cycle of investment. It is imperative for the Russian government that a higher percentage of key components including Microelectronic devices will be locally produced to avoid excessive imports.

On another positive note, Russian accession to the WTO reduced import taxes to close to zero by the end of 2012. There is also a noticeable sense of urgency about removing trade barriers, especially for high-tech products.  Russian companies are looking for alliances to catch up with Western companies as quickly as possible.

SEMICON 2013 will respond to all these trends and be especially attractive due the fact that Microelectronics is imperative for the success of the government’s plan to modernize the Russian industry. Therefore, SEMICON Russia has been declared as a strategic event by the Russian government to identify new opportunities and execution priorities. SEMICON 2013 is patronaged by the following government authorities and regional organizations:

  • The Moscow City Government, represented by the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship
  • The Russian Federation, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Department of Radio ElectronicsThe SEZ "Zelenograd" and the Cluster Zelenograd

Of particular interest this year will be the Semiconductor Market Conference which will be held on June 4th in Zelenograd featureing renowned top level speakers from local and international leading device, equipment, material companies and institutes as well as government representatives from the Russian Federation and the City of Moscow. At the conference, Frost & Sulivan will present their latest study on the changes and forecasts of the Russian Microelectronic and related market segments.

Market segment sessions on MEMS, Advanced Packaging and Photovoltaic will be given at the Tech Arena Inside the SEMICON exhibition which takes place from 5-6 of June.

Bottom-line:  Russia is set to go ahead with the modernization plan that includes Microelectronics and related industries — although there are still many issues to be overcome. The mood is positive and investment and business opportunities for Western companies exist… for those willing to work with Russian partners towards combined success.

If you want to be more involved, you can exhibit at or visit SEMICON Russia which will be held from June 5-6 in Moscow ( The conference in Zelenograd and the exhibition in Moscow is where representatives of key government, institutes, and private companies will present their investment plans for the years to come.

SEMI’s Involvement: SEMI strongly supports the industry development in Russia. SEMI is involved in industry advocacy and public policy, working with high-ranking government officials. The annual SEMICON Russia exhibition and technical conferences support the industry. In addition, technology and industry experts visit the EU, leading companies and institutes, and expositions and conferences.

If you have questions, contact Alla Famitskaya, regional director, SEMI Moscow at, or contact me at


April 10, 2013