Upsurge in Region Activity in 2012

Upsurge in Region Activity in 2012

Members Grade SEMI in Annual Survey

By Karen Savala, president, SEMI Americas

Just over a year ago, we decided to renew our focus on the regions in the U.S. — by re-launching industry  committees and programs in both the Northwest and Southwest (Phoenix) regions, joining active Silicon Valley, Austin and Northeast SEMI chapters.  Our goal: to create a platform that enables members to connect with each other and with local resources to help solve industry problems on a local, national and international basis.  The result of these efforts contributed to new levels in local participation in SEMI programs and new highs in member satisfaction.

In addition to the usual SEMICON West in San Francisco, several webinars, the Strategic Materials Conference, and the Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference, we had a busy year in all of the regions with the following member forums and activities:

  • Pacific Northwest Chapter: Overview of 450mm (May); Professional Development Seminar at OSU (Oct); Advanced Electronic Materials (Nov);
  • Arizona Chapter: Overview of 450mm (Apr); Enabling the Electronics Revolution (Oct)  
  • Texas Chapter: Austin’s Semiconductor Future (May); Technology Tuesday (Aug); Golf Classic (Sept); Annual Industry Outlook Forum (Oct);
  • Northeast Chapter: Wafers to Wall Street (March); Annual Semiconductor Market Trend Update (June); Succeeding in Solar (September); Materials Matter: Opportunities in IC  Manufacturing (Sept)
  • Silicon Valley: The Future of Mobile (April); Annual Silicon Valley Forecast Luncheon (Aug)
  • Central US: Member Meeting (June)

We were gratified that all SEMI regional chapters produced successful programs during 2012 and reached new levels of participation and engagement through regional committees. We were also thankful that these efforts contributed to new highs in overall member satisfaction in the U.S., as indicated by the recent annual Customer/Member Satisfaction Survey.

The survey indicates that the percentage of members in the Americas rating SEMI performance “Acceptable” and “Above Acceptable” increased from 94 percent in 2011 to 96 percent in 2012. 

Another outcome from the study is what SEMI activities are valued most by our members.  All of these activities have been rated Important or Very Important, but members rank our activities in “Market Data and Forecasting,” “Expositions and Conferences,” “Networking Opportunities,” and “Standards Development” as most important.  U.S. members value our role in helping solve “Industry-wide Problems” like 450mm wafer transitions and “Government Relations” higher than nearly all other regions in the world.

SEMI members are more satisfied with SEMI now than last year and more satisfied than any year since we began taking the survey eight years ago.  Still our focus is on improvement.  While it is tough to summarize the many varied responses from members on how to improve performance and satisfaction, here’s my read on the results:

  • Members are more satisfied when they use SEMI products, attend SEMI events, or are visited by SEMI employees. That’s one of the reasons that we increased the frequency of member outreach activities and try to share summary results of SEMI market forecasts and new standards with members via webinars and regional activities.

  • Many members express a desire for more technical and informational programs, and more services in the areas of government relations, market information and other areas. We try to bring new and relevant information and services to members through newsletters, webinars, websites, luncheon forums, and SEMICON programs.

  • Another reason is based on our work in PV and other adjacent and emerging markets.  Guided by member advisory committees, SEMI PV activities in North America have produced a strong voice in U.S. public policy, successful international standards efforts, and significant progress in technology roadmap efforts for both thin film and crystalline silicon technologies.  In LED, MEMS and other areas, SEMI Americas has been active in Department of Energy solid state lighting programs, led SEMI international standards efforts, and helped connect members to information and customers that have helped validate new business opportunities. 

In summary, to stay competitive, members realize that we all need to work together — not just with SEMI but with device makers, politicians, research institutions, investors and other key stakeholders to grow the industry.  Stronger regional programs and participation in local committees helps SEMI members by connecting people to customers and colleagues, important international trends and developments, and giving them a stronger voice in public policy.  Stronger regional committees and participation also make SEMI stronger by giving us greater understanding of member needs and priorities.

To learn more about SEMI regional programs, and for more information on how to participate in the regional committee in your area, visit

At SEMI, we strive for satisfied members. If you have any questions or comments on the Customer Satisfaction Survey, or on other issues, please do not hesitate to contact me.

February 5, 2013

*Note: A total of 1,198 members and non-members participated in the 2012 study, including over 200 from North America.  The 2012 survey produced statistical results that yielded a2.77% margin of error with 95% confidence.