SEMI S2 2012 Updates

SEMI S2 2012 Updates

The SEMI S2 Safety Guideline, Environmental, Health, and Safety Guideline for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, is intended as a set of performance-based environmental, health, and safety (EHS) considerations for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Prior to July 2012, S2-0310e was published containing 10 Delayed Revision sections. Delayed Revisions are changes that have been balloted and approved by the SEMI Environmental Health & Safety Technical Committee, but are not immediately effective. The provisions of this material are not an authoritative part of the Document until their effective date.

As of July 2012, the following 10 Delayed Revision sections of SEMI S2-0310e have become effective:

  • Interlock Circuit Design and Shunt Trip Devices
  • EMO Button Access
  • Adjustable Setpoints on Interlocks
  • AC Enclosure Openings
  • ATL Definition Clarification
  • Revision to Non-Ionizing Radiation Criteria
  • [Related to Process Liquid Heating Systems]
  • § 25 Reference and Appendix 4 Introductory Material Cleanup
  • Revision of Static Magnetic Radiation Criteria in Appendix 4
  • Additions Related to Removal of Burrs and Sharp Edges

These changes were reflected in SEMI S2-0712.

An updated version of SEMI S2 was published in September 2012 as SEMI S2-0712a with the addition of Delayed Revisions 1 (Effective July 2015): Section 3.3 Revision. This Delayed Revisions section contains changes related to the Limitations sections of SEMI S2. The main body of SEMI S2-0712 remains the authoritative version. Some or all of the provisions of revisions not yet in effect may optionally be applied prior to the effective date, providing they do not conflict with portions of the authoritative version other than those that are to be revised or replaced as part of the deferred change, and are labeled accordingly.

SEMI, Standards Watch, December 2012