Equipment Software Communications Standards Activities in Korea

Equipment Software Communications Standards Activities in Korea

By Natalie Shim, SEMI Korea

The SEMI Korea Information & Control (I&C) committee continues its work on some of SEMI’s high-profile equipment software communications Standards such as SEMI E87 (Specification for Carrier Management), E94 (Specification for Control Job Management), and E116 (Equipment Performance Tracking)

The SEMI Korea GEM300 Task Force’s work on SEMI Draft Document 4946 (SNARF link), which proposes to add Carrier Ready To Unload Prediction Status in SEMI E87, has attracted much interest and participation from other regions. “It is about carrier transport efficiency improvement. In some cases, for carrier transfer efficiency, the host needs to know carrier completion timing faster than actual and semiconductor equipment also has to send the trigger in proper time,” said Byoung Min Im (Tokyo Electron), Korea GEM300 TF co-leader.  The SEMI Korea GEM300 TF is convinced that the end result of this revision activity will help increase fab productivity.

Certainly, there are challenges to be had as this activity will have an impact on the semiconductor industry. “It took almost a year to get consensus within Korea I&CC. It was not an easy task,” said Chul Hong Ahn (SK Hynix), co-chair of the SEMI Korea I&C committee. He added, “We were lucky to have a well-balanced discussion group among manufacturers, suppliers, and solution providers. Plus, we have inputs from highly-experienced expert from all over the world. I think it is very important because it is the best way to make valuable standard.”

Document 4946 was issued at cycle 6, 2012, adjudicated on November 8, 2012, and was sent back to the task force for rework. SEMI Korea GEM300 TF will continue this discussion for the 2nd draft in January 31, 2013 in conjunction with SEMICON Korea 2013. The draft is expected in early 2013 for the Cycle 1 or 2 voting period and will be adjudicated at SEMI Korea Spring meeting. 

For more information or to participate, please contact Ms. Natalie Shim ( from SEMI. Other resources: SEMI Korea GEM300 TF Activity site.

SEMI, Standards Watch, December 2012