Silicon Photonics: Disruptive Technologies Offer Long Term Potential

Silicon Photonics Webinar Series

Hosted by SEMI, Sponsored by Yole Développement

January 17, 2013
8:00am PT, 11:00am ET, 4:00pm GMT

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Silicon photonics is gaining significant momentum because it enables high-bandwidth optical communications everywhere—between networks, between systems, and between chips.  Silicon photonic devices blend optical technology with low cost CMOS technology using standard semiconductor fabrication techniques. Considerable progress has been made in R&D labs and now the now the first silicon photonics products have shipped.  Leading companies like Cisco, STMicroelectronics and Luxtera are investing in the infrastructure for what they see as a widely applicable platform, enabled by developments in materials, wafer processing, and advanced packaging technology.

This webinar will provide an overview of the market potential, applications and device types, technology status, and manufacturing challenges of monolithic opto-electronic devices.  The webinar will include a market overview and assessment from Yole Development, technology vision from Luxtera, and other leading experts on this exciting, disruptive technology.


Dr. Eric Mounier is co-founder of Yole Développement, a market research company based in France.  He has a PhD in microelectronics from the INPG in Grenoble and previously  worked at CEA LETI R&D lab in Grenoble, France. He will discuss recent highlights of a Yole report on silicon photonics,including on overview of the applications, emerging industry ecosystem, and an overview of many of the technical and manufacturing challenges that will be faced by the industry over the coming decade.

Christopher Bergey, Vice President of Marketing from Luxtera, will discuss the company's CMOS Photonics technology that allows the construction of complex optical systems in production CMOS processes – the same processes currently used for building VLSI circuits. He will also discuss his view of the future of silicon photonics and many of the technical challenges for high-volume, low cost manufacturing. Prior to joining Luxtera, Chris was a Vice president at Broadcom, responsible for establishing and managing Broadcom’s WLAN combo business, which he grew into one of Broadcom’s largest lines of business.

Dr. Michael Hochberg is director of the OpSIS foundry service, which aims to bring down the cost of silicon photonics development by scalable processes and shared-cost shuttle runs at IME and Luxtera. He's been devising ways to make silicon photonics since co-founding Luxtera 12 years ago, and will talk about what's needed from the supply chain to build the ecosytem for this promising technology. His PhD in applied physics is from Caltech, and he also runs the nanophotonics lab with a joint appointment at the University of Delaware and the National University of Singapore/IME.


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