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ETEL Introduces 450mm Capable Motion Platform

While conventional mechanical concepts dedicated to 300 mm platforms can still benefit from Continuous Improvement Plans for another couple of years, disruptive technologies and new system architectures have to be investigated to take up the upcoming 450 mm challenges: higher number of sites to be visited within a larger area, smaller targets to be inspected, higher dynamics to maintain same wafer throughput.

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ETEL Advanced Motion Systems in Semiconductor: XYT Nanometer Positioning stage 

Short-term Solutions 

While the migration from 300 to 450 mm wafer is well engaged, yet full motion system requirements are not necessarily clear. Manufacturers of Inspection machines have to build pilot tools to better refine the new process requirements. To join them in this effort, ETEL developed and delivered its first HERMES ‐ 450 mm XYZT motion platform in May 2012.

Long-term Solutions 

In parallel to this conventional approach, and as an alternative to only rely on higher dynamics to improve tool throughput, ETEL has developed over the years disruptive technologies allowing higher accuracy, lower jittering, and better move and settle times resulting ultimately in major cycle time improvement and nanometer performances.

ETEL HERMES 450mm-capable XYZT Motion Platform
ETEL Product

About ETEL

As a worldwide leader in Direct Drive Technology, ETEL has built its outstanding reputation over the past 40 years by providing state‐of‐the‐art, highly reliable and unique products dedicated to Motion Control. Benefiting from multi‐disciplinary competences in magnetic designs, bearing technology, metrology concepts, motion control architecture, simulation tools and materials, ETEL is a supplier of choice for advanced motion system platforms. For over 15 years, ETEL has been more specifically designing, qualifying and producing in series advanced products dedicated to process control applications in semiconductor front end: Overlay Metrology, Critical Dimension, Defect Review and thin film metrology are some of them to name a few.

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