STDF New Frontiers and PCM Datalogging Work Groups (November 2012)

STDF working group had face-to-face meetings for its STDF New frontiers and newly started PCM datalogging groups.  STDF New frontiers groups is currently working on the creating a schema for the existing STDF standard to enable efficient access to data for new applications e.g. adaptive test. The base schema definition will be used add additional capabilities required to support new applications.At the ITC meeting the group continued to refine the schema definition. The definition for existing STDF is expected to be completed in next three months. The group also clarified the scope of this effort to focus on adding new capability only in the new format. The new format will allow backward compatibility to existing STDF in terms of information content.

ITC meeting was the first face-to-face meeting  for the PCM datalogging group and was attended by key players in ATE (Agilent and Tektronix/Keithley, Roos Instruments, Formfactor), Tool providers (Synopsys,Salland Engineering) and End users (TI and Qualcomm). The purpose of this group is to create a data logging standard for parametric test data to be used during other test insertions to improve overall efficiency. The group discussed the scope of the work and review the requirements for the desired standard from end customers. The group will continue to meet online and encourages interested parties to join.

Interested parties should contact group's chairman Ajay Khoche ( for any questions or additional information.

November 21, 2012