Sound Strategy Never More Important

Sound Strategy Never More Important

By Karen Savala, president, SEMI Americas

The large global business, technology and ecosystem trends that affect our industry are becoming increasingly complex and important.  Consequently, strategy — the big things you do as a company to prosper and survive — has never been more important.  Not so long ago, a company could rely upon operational excellence to overcome strategic imperfection.  They could focus on execution, niche markets, be fast-followers, ride key customers, or rely upon future profits to catch up to expensive R&D.  Not anymore.  Today, tough calls on R&D, customer segmentation, investment timing, partnerships, locations, and other strategic decisions will determine tomorrow’s winners and survivors.

That’s why this year’s Industry Strategy Symposium is more critical than ever.  From January 13-15, 2013 in Half Moon Bay, California, the smartest and most influential leaders in microelectronics will convene to discuss and debate the future of our industry.  They will hear forecasts, projections, insights, and opinions on the big macroeconomic trends and the nanometer-sized challenges in next-generation lithography and transistor architecture.  They will learn not just through polished presentations and polite panel debates, but through interchanges, synergies, and intuitions that only unstructured, personal, “look’em-in-the-eye” human interaction can provide.

This year’s agenda features sessions on macroeconomic trends, semiconductor markets, strategic materials, emerging markets, and supply chain dynamics.  Keynote and featured presentations will be provided by Ajit Manocha, CEO of GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Dr. John Williams, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco; Andy Oberst, senior VP, Strategy & Corporate Development of Qualcomm; Luc Van den hove, CEO, imec; Ana Hunter, VP of Foundry Services at Samsung Semiconductor; Michael Bell, VP and GM, Mobile and Communications Group at Intel Corporation; and Simon Segars, executive VP and GM of Processor & Physical IP Division at ARM.  Many, many other top speakers will share their insights at the ISS (see detailed agenda).

Another popular session at ISS is the Street Views panel where “buy and sell side” analysts from Houlihan Lokey, AGC Partners, TCW, and RBC Capital Markets present.  Bill McClean of IC Insights, Dan Hutchenson of VLSI Research, Jan Vardaman of TechSearch International, and Klaus Rinnen of Gartner will also share their first forecasts and views on the coming year.

The semiconductor industry remains the most critical building block of the next wave of digital revolution. Yet, ever increasing technological challenges coupled with an interdependent, more complex macro and micro-economics — as well geo-political changes around the world —create inflection points in the supply chain and ecosystem of semiconductor industry. These inflection points will not only create “game changing” opportunities for growth and collaboration but also can impact the rapid rise or consolidation of other participants.

ISS is timed and formatted to give executives in our industry the essential information they need to help plan and manage their companies in the year ahead, and help them exploit these critical inflection points.  I look forward to seeing you at this year’s ISS and learning together how best to profit from the exciting times ahead.  For more information and to register please visit

November 6, 2012