SEMI Networking Day in Italy

SEMI Networking Day in Italy

On September 20, 2012 in Milano, SEMI Europe held a first-ever SEMI Networking Day in Italy with 63 attendees from 28 companies.  The technical focus of the event was on MEMS with one keynote and five speakers. The goals of the event included providing networking opportunities for members and learning opportunities about MEMS technology and market. For SEMI Europe, it was an opportunity for  outreach and to promote SEMI activities and events. 

Heinz Kundert, president of SEMI Europe, presented on the “Semiconductor Industry Market Trends and Outlook.“  The keynote presentation was by Laura Castoldi, MEMS process manager at STMicroelectronics, on the “MEMS Revolution.”

SEMI Networking Day in Italy speakers

Additional speakers included:

  • Laurent Robin of Yole Developpement on “The Growth of the MEMS Market”
  • Dave Thomas of SPTS on “Silicon Etch Solutions for Emerging MEMS Device Fabrication and Advanced Packaging Technologies”
  • Andrea Carzaniga and Adriano Cairella of Microcontrol Electronic on the “Latest on Lamination Technologies”
  • Damien Saint-Patrice of CEA-LETI on “Thin-Film Packaging for MEMS”

In addition, some  SEMI member companies participated in the “Speed Networking” event which offered brief presentations in addition to networking:  Accretech, Fogale Nanotech, Applied Materials, FRT GmbH, Semisystech, LPE, OEM Group.

SEMI Networking Day in Italy crowd

Participating companies included: Accretech, ACSAN, Air Liquide, Altis, Amkor, Applied Materials, Bosch, CEA-LETI, ETC, FBK, Fogale Nanotech, FRT GmbH, Horiba, LAM, LPE, Microcontrol, OEM group, Semilab, Semisystech, Siconnex, Soitec, Special Plastic Module, SPTS, STMicroelectronics, Tenotapes, Tronics Microsystems, Ubonitic, Westerwood Global, Yole Developpement. The event was sponsored by FRT GmbH, STMicroelectronics, Ubotic, and Yole Developpement.


October 2, 2012