Abstract - Mike Watson, CREE

Avoiding Market Disaster – Mid-Power vs. High Power LEDs

Mike Watson, Sr. Director, Marketing and Product Applications, CREE


Manufacturers never seem to learn lessons from the past.  Though there is an undeniable demand to lower the initial cost of Solid State Lighting (SSL), many traditional lighting suppliers risk repeating CFL history by racing to the lowest possible cost solution.  Enter Mid-Power LEDs.  In what seems like a perfect storm, the combination of low price demand for consumer bulbs and lighting products, coupled with massive under-utilization of LED chip and packaging capacity from backlighting suppliers has prompted consideration for all applications to utilize the availability and cost of mid-power plastic packaged LEDs.  Unfortunately, the immediate attraction looks promising on its face, but defers the questions of reliability, color quality, long-term sustainability of costs and most importantly, product differentiation.  This presentation explores the merits and pitfalls of mid-power LEDs in comparison to high-power alternatives.  It further explores alternative options and realities to solve the initial cost dilemma facing solid state lighting adoption.