Abstract - Jean-Marc Girard, Air Liquide Electronics

Collaborations between Materials Suppliers and OEMs in the ALD/CVD field

Dr. Jean-Marc Girard, Chief Technical Officer, Air Liquide Electronics


Precursors are increasingly becoming the main differentiating factors in CVD and ALD processes, enticing OEMs to seek unique process chemistries on their own (rather than solely relying on material suppliers for their chemical innovation). Thus, OEMs and Materials Suppliers now often compete for new material and process IP, but still need one another to develop and release robust and competitive processes to the market in a timely manner. How and on what terms collaboration is engaged between them is the cornerstone of an equitable sharing of both cost and value between them, and a prerequisite for End Users to enjoy established and reliable material supply chains at an early stage of the process evaluation. This talk aims to give guidelines for better and more efficient collaboration between OEMs and material suppliers, for the benefit of the industry as a whole.