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VAT “S043 / S053” Real L-Motion Valves — Newly Designed for Semi and LED

WOBURN, Mass. — August 6, 2012 — VAT Vakuumventile AG is leading manufacturer of vacuum valves worldwide.  VAT product engineers have launched their latest transfer valve specifically designed for SEMI applications handling 200mm, 300mm and 450mm wafers AND brightness bridge LED (HB-LED) applications.

VAT “S043 / S053” ImageVAT REAL L-MOTION valves are equipped to handle corrosive process environments (e.g. Etch and CVD), to offer customers long service intervals and low cost-of-ownership. This valve’s reliable actuator has integrated, mechanically triggered sequence control ensuring trouble free operation even in highly demanding applications with a fully protected bellows feedthrough.

VAT REAL L-MOTION valves allow for easy access gate exchange through the top cover and no adjustment is required after service.  Uniform sealing compression is achieved due to Real L-motion movement and an adjustable closing force (depending on elastomer) important to achieving the highest seal life time and minimum particle generation. The valve is pneumatically operated and locked in closed and open position.

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