Showcase of Europe’s Competitiveness includes New, Disruptive Technologies

Showcase of Europe’s Competitiveness includes New, Disruptive Technologies

With more than 40 programs and 210 speakers, SEMICON Europa offers an Executive Summit, 16th Fab Manager Forum, and 450mm, MEMS, Advanced Packaging & Test sessions— plus the 8th Plastic-Electronics Conference — all under one roof

By Heinz Kundert, president, SEMI Europe

In 2013 the European Equipment Market is forecasted to grow to US$ 3.3 billion based on the latest SEMI Consensus Forecast. In 2011, Europe’s Semiconductor equipment suppliers reached 24 percent of the worldwide equipment manufacturers, up from 18 percent in 1998. Although much is contributed to ASML, Europe does have a sound and growing supply chain for semiconductor and related technologies.

SEMICON Europa will demonstrate the readiness of the industry to remain competitive in its successful segments and deal with the innovations to cope with new, disruptive technology such as further scaling, the 450mm transition and 3D-IC to name only the most common breakthroughs which will take off shortly. And, after many years of research and development efforts around the global, Plastic Electronics is gaining momentum for   commercialization in areas such displays, lighting flexible and organic photovoltaic and integrated smart systems.

SEMICON Europa 2012 features more than 40 programs and events with more than 210 speakers. Leaders from Bosch, IMEC, Intel, Infineon, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, STMicroelectronics and other leading companies convene to participate in the largest event for the semiconductor and microelectronic industry in Europe. The lineup of the keynote-speakers is now confirmed and online.

The 16th European Fab Managers Forum, a comprehensive two-day event, covers issues and topics focused on improving manufacturing productivity and extending the life of existing FABs through new technologies and markets. The topic this year: “Cost Reduction and Continuous Improvement by using IT Tools.”  Featured keynotes are from: Michael Hummel, head of European Operations at Texas Instruments and Jirko Lohse, senior director of Production at Infineon.

The International MEMS/MST Forum focuses on “New Dynamics in the MEMS Industry.” The forum is an exceptional platform for exhibitors and visitors to explore the MEMS industry supply chain. The keynotes will be given by: Leopold Beer, director of Marketing at Bosch Sensortec.

The 450mm Session covers the latest state of introducing, planning and R&D for 450mm. The session includes all major initiatives as well as the progress which was made during the last year. Keynote presentations will be given by: Bas van Nooten, director of European Cooperative Programs at ASM; Michael Liehr, general manager of G450C at University of Albany; and Frank Bornebroek of ASML who will speak on “ASML’s 450mm Product Strategy & Technology Challenges.”

The Advanced Packaging Conference presents on “Packaging Solutions for the New Technologies.” The conference offers an opportunity to learn more about most important microelectronics applications developments which enable novel, advanced packaging solutions to be the key drivers in system integration of electronic devices. The keynote-speakers are Markus Brunnbauer, Wafer Level Packaging Platform manager at Intel Mobile Communications and David McCann, senior director of Technical Business Operations at GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

The 14th European Manufacturing Test Conference (EMTC) is presenting “Overcoming New Test Challenges through Cooperation and Innovation”. The Conference will present an interesting mix of topics in the broad area of Testing semiconductor devices. Keynote-speakers for the EMTC include: Robert Madge, director of Design Enabled Manufacturing at   GLOBALFOUNDRIES and John West, CEO of VLSI Research Europe Limited.

The 8thPlastic Electronics 2012 Conference and Exhibitions in Dresden focuses on challenges and opportunities for manufacturing these applications and products for mass consumer markets. The Plastic Electronics Conference and Exhibition co-located with SEMICON Europe 2012 is the single event to focus on issues related to manufacturing of these challenging new applications and products. It brings together the stakeholders for this new emerging industry in a single setting. The conference will present a line-up of over 90 expert views for top-level professionals in the field, whereas the exhibition will be the market place to meet about 100 materials suppliers, tooling vendors and integrators of PE systems and solutions.

SEMICON Europa remains the largest industry event in Europe focusing on technologies and solutions for advanced microelectronics manufacturing including semiconductors, MEMS, printed and plastic electronics, power electronics, and other emerging and related electronics markets. Programs include: Semiconductor Front-End, Test and Packaging, MEMS/MST, and Standards.

Do not miss the opportunity to exhibit or visit SEMICON Europa and be part of the continued successful business development in Europe and the world.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Dresden. For more information on topics, conferences, expert events and exhibitors, please visit

September 5, 2012