Upcoming ITPC to Focus on Productivity, Policy, Profit, and Potential

Upcoming ITPC to Focus on Productivity, Policy, Profit, and Potential  

For 2012, the International Technology Partners Conference (ITPC) agenda is a framework providing insight to the key issues of the day in four specific strategic areas: Productivity, Policy, Profit and Potential.

At the International Technology Partners Conference, you’ll hear from:  

  • David Bennett, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
  • Robert Bruck, Intel
  • Mike Cadigan, IBM
  • Rob Chandhok, Qualcomm
  • Damian Chan, Singapore EDB
  • Harvey Frye, Tokyo Electron
  • Sung Han, ATMI
  • David Hemker, Lam Research
  • Pat Lamey, PHL Advisors
  • Michael Liehr, CNSE
  • Choon Lee, Amkor Group
  • Akihiro Nitayama, Toshiba
  • Sung Wook Park, SK hynix
  • Shozo Saito, Toshiba
  • Chin-Tay Shih, National Tsinghua Univ Taiwan
  • Jackie Sturm, Intel
  • Ho-Ming Tong, ASE
  • Brian Toohey, SIA
  • Brian Trafas, KLA-Tencor
  • Luc Van den hove, imec
  • Frits Van Hout, ASML
  • Kenji  Washino, Tokyo Electron
  • Shaojun Wei, Tsinghua Univ. China
  • David Wilhoit, Siltronic Samsung Wafer
  • Tianchun Ye, China Academy of Sciences

For more info, visit www.semi.org/itpc

Productivity: The production of advanced transistors needed for the latest and next generations of today's integrated circuits requires materials, processes and technologies not envisioned even a few years ago.  Executives from Intel, ASML and ATMI will present their views on the needs to improve productivity in the manufacturing process to meet the needs of Moore's law for the next several generations.

Policy:  Doing business in Asia often means understanding the policies of local and national governments.  Asia governments are driven to (1) create or expand a market, (2) install a positive business environment, and then (3) make offerings to specific companies.  There can be several directives used to stimulate growth.  Executives from industry, academia and government from China, Taiwan, and Singapore will share their views and thoughts on how international companies can fully participate in growth and opportunities in Asia. 

Profit:  The cost of the latest production capability to fulfill the demands of advanced technologies is reaching a tipping point. The historical business model used by the industry may no longer provide the necessary economic engine needed to drive the industry.  New business models are needed to assure the ongoing march of technology.  Executives from Toshiba, SK hynix, Lam Research and GLOBAL FOUNDARIES will explore alternatives that can potentially provide the necessary technology solutions and assure profitable operations for the entire supply chain. 

Potential:  Opportunities are created as the industry moves forward.  The next major steps for the industry are larger wafer size and imaging below 20nm, commonly termed 450mm and EUV.  Historical wisdom is that larger wafer size will reduce the cost per square cm of processed silicon while smaller geometries will allow more transistors and therefore more electronic functions per square cm.  Industry leaders from IBM, Intel, KLA-Tencor, Tokyo Electron and CSNE (Albany, New York) will share their views on the challenges and opportunities for fulfilling the need defined by these two major industry initiatives.

The value provided by ITPC is thought-provoking discussion on both current issues and strategic decisions facing executives today.  Unique to ITPC is the creation of strong personal interactions with contemporaries in the industry in a casual, international environment.

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For more information, visit www.semi.org/itpc


September 4, 2012