SEMI Launches “450 Central” for Wafer Transition Information

SEMI Launches “450 Central” for Wafer Transition Information

Site provides product news, industry announcements and resources on 450mm wafer processing

450 Central Site screenshot

On August 27, SEMI announced the introduction of 450 Central (, a web-based information service to help the semiconductor industry efficiently transition to 450mm-ready solutions and keep the industry informed of important news and perspectives on 450mm wafer processing. The information service will compile new product announcements, industry news, technology information, SEMI Standards updates, presentations, and other relevant information on 450mm wafer processing in one comprehensive website that is easily searchable.

The transition to 450mm wafer processing will be one of the most challenging and complex issues facing the $300
+ billion semiconductor industry.  Leading integrated device manufacturers, foundries, equipment and materials suppliers, and research consortia are beginning to invest heavily in the transition to 450mm wafer processing.  Spending on 450mm R&D alone is estimated to range between $8 and $40 billion. Capital expenses for the first generation of high-volume manufacturing will probably exceed $25 billion as soon as 2016-2017.  Leading equipment manufacturers, component and subsystem suppliers, technology providers and other SEMI members — plus leading chip manufacturers and industry consortia — have all expressed the need for greater communication and accurate information on 450 progress, plans and business opportunities.

”Robust communication throughout the supply chain is essential for a cost effective wafer size transition,” said Jonathan Davis, president of the Semiconductor Business for SEMI. “450 Central provides the necessary link for accurate information for buyers, planners, suppliers, investors, and other key stakeholders in next generation wafer processing.”

SEMI will work with all IDMs, industry consortia and suppliers to ensure accurate and timely information on 450mm developments.  To provide new product, perspective or other information for consideration for inclusion on the 450 Central website, please send an email (with Word doc and graphic attached) to

September 4, 2012