Connecting with the Global Industry: In Your Region and Around the World

Connecting with the Global Industry: In Your Region and Around the World

By Karen Savala, president, SEMI Americas

Just about a year ago, I shared our renewed focus on the regions in the U.S. by re-launching member steering committees and programs in both the Northwest and in Arizona — adding to the vibrant programs in the Northeast and the Southwest Austin area. The goal?   Enabling members to connect with each other and with local resources to solve industry problems and demonstrate local leadership for the manufacturing supply chains.   Local SEMI programs help SEMI members connect with their peers, customers and colleagues, as well as provide a stronger connection to the global market as information on trends, developments and opportunities around the world are frequently the topic of our programs and subject of conversations during networking. 

I’m pleased to report that all of the Americas regions now have strong programs that create opportunities for collaboration and networking, while at the same time addressing the critical issues that impact the manufacturing supply chain in the microelectronic and PV industries.  In the next three months, SEMI, in conjunction with our local chapters, has planned exciting programs in Albany, Austin, Portland and Chandler, Arizona.  The objectives of these local programs are to serve SEMI members with valuable and economic forums to learn more about the industry and key supply chain opportunities. These programs and local chapter committees also provide a good mechanism for SEMI to connect with our members to better serve their needs through better products, services and industry advocacy before policy-makers, customers, and other industry stakeholders worldwide.  We are extremely grateful for the enthusiastic support and contribution of SEMI members who serve our local chapters through Committees, communications and other mutually-beneficial activities.

In addition to the busy Americas region schedule of events, I also want to highlight two other   events — the Strategic Materials Conference and the International Technology Partners Conference.  The Strategic Materials Conference (SMC) is the only conference dedicated to exploring the synergies, trends and business opportunities in advanced electronic materials. To provide a broad reach, SMC features four 2-hour tracks in semiconductors, carbon-based materials for energy storage and ICs, LED/Power devices, and OLED/printed electronics — plus sessions devoted to critical issues in materials usage and materials development (including rare earth supply dynamics, materials recovery, and more. SMC takes place October 23-24 in San Jose, Calif.   

ITPC is an executive conference in November that promotes business partnering dialog and relationships among the world's top executives in integrated circuits, solid state devices and display. The ITPC agenda deals with four strategic areas: improving productivity, international policy issues, new business models to increase profit, and the challenges and opportunities erupting from the 450mm and EUV initiatives.  This new ITPC, which takes place November 4-7 in Maui, Hawaii, is chartered with a new commitment to serve leading industry executives with topical insights impacting their organizations.  

Other Upcoming SEMI Events

While all SEMI events focus on the complex issues in the nano and microelectronics manufacturing supply chain, these regional events indicate SEMI’s continued commitment to specific critical technology regions in the U.S.  Each event is really an opportunity to delve into market and technology trends, R&D and innovation, and economic development issues. 

I hope that you choose to attend one or more of these valuable technology and networking opportunities with your industry counterparts. We’re all in this together…and collectively, we have the answers that will drive the industry forward.

September 4, 2012