Upcoming SEMI Webinars: “PV in Japan” and “Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry Outlook”

Upcoming SEMI Webinars: “PV in Japan” and “Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry Outlook”

On September 5 at 8:00am Pacific, the webinar “PV in Japan: From Technology Leaders to Market Drivers” will cover the current landscape in Japan: technology, supply and demand, with a look at how policies and space constraints are key indicators for high-efficiency mono c-Si panel deployment.  In addition, the webinar will take a top-level view of the global PV market growth, how we got here, impact on supply chain players, and the outlook for the next few years. Speakers include Finley Colville, Solarbuzz and Melody Song, SEMI Industry Research and Statistics. Webinar is no charge for SEMI members and $50 for non-SEMI members.

On September 18, the “Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry Outlook” webinar takes place at 10:00am Pacific, focusing on semiconductor equipment spending trends in relation to fabs and the semiconductor materials market including packaging materials. Speakers include Lara Chamness and Christian Gregor Dieseldorff from SEMI Industry Research and Statistics. Free for SEMI members and $100 for non-SEMI members.

Webinar Archives

Whether you are interested in semiconductor trends, high-brightness LEDs manufacturing, public policy, photovoltaics, or Americas membership, SEMI may have a webinar in its Webinar Archives available for you to view at your convenience.

Each SEMI Webinar details new industry, product or market findings, trends, and opportunities. Speakers include SEMI staff, as well as CEOs, market forecasters, developers, consultants and researchers.

Webinars ranges from 45 to 60 minutes long. Detailed slides are presented along with the live webinar, and can be downloaded as an Adobe PDF. Audio recordings can also be downloaded, and include both the slides and live recording.

There is no charge for SEMI members. Available past webinar sessions and series include:

LED Webinar Series

  • Three-part LED Webinar Series: “HB-LED Manufacturing Growth & Transition —Challenges, Solutions & Opportunities” (March 2012):
    • Testing, Binning and Packaging: Submount choices?; Si vs. Ceramic; Good results?; Testing & Binning; Collective packaging!; C2W, WLP, WL Optics
    • Front End Manufacturing: Capacity explosion! Epitaxy; Efficiency gains?; Fixing droop effect; Process evolution?; Patterning, Laser lift-off etc.
    • LED Markets and Applications; Equipment Spending and Capacity Trends; Materials Markets and Opportunities (March 2012)
  • Substrates & Raw Materials: Status quo?; Sapphire, SiC; Pending crunch?; Indium/Gallium; Trusted friend!; Silicon progress

Semiconductor Webinar Series

  • IP Violations Continue to Pose Serious Challenges to the Industry (April 2012)
  • Semiconductor Trends and Outlook (March 2012)

SEMI Americas Membership Update Webinars

  • PV Production and Technology at Intersolar North America 2012 (June 2012)
  • Quarterly Update Membership Webcast 2012 Q1 (Feb 2012)

SEMI Europe Webinar Updates

  • European Microelectronics fab Outlook 2012 (June 2012)

To view presentation slides and hear audio, visit Webinar Archive (located in the "Members Only" part of the SEMI website):  www.semi.org/en/node/38101  

September 4, 2012