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Transfer Engineering Offers New Small Footprint Transfer and Loadlock System for Next Generation 450mm Wafers

Compact, SEMI MESC-compatible, loadlock system performs wafer transport motions similar to a costly cluster-tool robot.

FREMONT, Calif. — August 1, 2012 — Transfer Engineering and Manufacturing (TEAM), a leading designer and manufacturer of vacuum transfer and positioning systems, announces the TEAM-Mate-450TM, a compact, high vacuum compatible, single substrate loadlock system designed to load wafers or other flat substrates up to 450mm into a SEMI MESC-standard or custom process module.

Team ProductBased on the same proven design characteristics as the TEAM-Mate 300, the 450 loadlock design includes an integrated magnetically-coupled transfer device with moving parts located well below transfer height which minimizes generation of particulates.  The magnet transfer is incorporated into the chamber wall significantly reducing the system’s overall footprint compared to standard magnetically-coupled transfer systems.  An optional vertical transfer package is available.

This system is ideal for several applications including sample delivery to modules for process development, for cost effective low volume production or as a manufacturing tool.

The Team-Mates’s valve interface can be easily modified to mate with a wide variety of vacuum systems. 

Visit our website at www.transferengineering.com or contact TEAM at team@transferengineering.com for additional information.


About Transfer Engineering and Manufacturing

Transfer Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. (TEAM), Fremont, California provides innovative products for OEM, Production Facility and R&D/University Lab customers in the Surface Science, Semiconductor, Media, Sputter Deposition and R&D markets.  TEAMs core expertise is in the handling, transporting, positioning and manipulation of samples, semiconductor wafers, substrates, reticles, flat panels and other materials with precision and reliability in UHV, HV, and other challenging controlled environments.  The product line includes MESC compatible wafer transport systems.


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