Biography - Lita Shon-Roy, Techcet Group, a Techcet CA LLC Company


Lita Shon‐Roy


Techcet Group, a Techcet CA LLC Company


Lita Shon-Roy, President/CEO and Founding Partner of Techcet, has worked in the electronics materials industry in business development and technical marketing for more than 20 years. Her work experience spans from business development, marketing and sales of IC’s, equipment, and materials to process engineering of flat panel displays. She has developed new business opportunities for companies such as RASIRC/Matheson Gases and IPEC/Speedfam and helped establish marketing and sales proficiency in companies such as Air Products/Schumacher, Brooktree/Rockwell, and Hughes Aircraft. Lita helped build IPEC as a leader in CMP equipment as Director of International Sales. She has authored and co-authored various articles and texts focused on the semiconductor processing, materials market trends and worldwide supply chain issues as related to the world economy, and is considered expert in electronic materials marketing and business development. Lita holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, with a specialty in Solid State Physics from USC and a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from UCSD. She is also in process of completing her MBA at California State University, Dominguez Hills.


Although semiconductor materials business development efforts have consistently focused on leading

edge technologies (now <12nm), more than 60% of all wafer starts (by MSI) are still from trailing edge

technology nodes some of which will be counted on to support the growing era of the Internet of Things

(IoT). Estimates for the number of internet connected things is expected to exceed 25 Billion by 2020.

Although the number of IoT semiconductor devices is relatively small, < 5% of total semiconductor

device revenues, the growth is large, >30% per year, in comparison to the total semiconductor device

revenue growth rate of >5.5%. The interrelationship between the technology nodes, devices and

applications related to IoT will be presented in addition to wafer forecasts. Highlighted will be those

process materials that support IoT along with associated forecasts and challenges.