Biography - Michael Woodhouse, NREL

Mike Woodhouse

Dr. Michael Woodhouse, Member, Strategic Energy Analysis Center, NREL

Michael Woodhouse received his PhD in physical chemistry and materials science from Colorado State University. For his dissertation he developed a methodology to rapidly produce combinatorial libraries of novel metal oxide semiconductors using inkjet printing.  The materials were then screened and optimized for hydrogen production from water and sunlight.  After graduate school he served as a postdoc at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), where his primary research focus was on the development of new materials and architectures for organic-based solar cells. Prior to graduate school he was a high school Physics and Chemistry teacher for several years.

Mike is currently a member of NREL’s Strategic Energy Analysis Center, where his analysis activities are focused on the technical and economic considerations of solar energy harvesting and storage, as well as the integration of such systems into the global energy infrastructure.