SEMI High Tech U Reunion

This year’s SEMI High Tech U (HTU) reunion for graduates in seminars one, two and three, was hosted on Friday June 22, 2012, at our SEMI headquarters in San Jose, CA. SEMI High Tech U is sponsored by the SEMI Foundation, and holds intensive explorative programs for both high school students and teachers. HTU helps connect attendees with industry professionals, provides networking opportunities and stimulates interest in the high-tech industry. SEMI HTU operates its program in multiple locations in the US, Europe and Japan.

High tech U Scholarship

The HTU program encourages students to get involved with science, technology, engineering and math. One of the core goals of High Tech U is to introduce students to the semiconductor and high-tech industry. 50 HTU graduates attended the recent reunion, dating as far back to those who were students in 2003. The group was greeted by SEMI President and CEO, Denny McGuirk. The featured guest speaker was Norm Armour, VP of Global Manufacturing at Alta Devices. Norm was also a founder of HTU in the Pacific Northwest in 2001. Other speaker and mentor representatives from Fairchild and Alta Devices attended the event.

Pictured is attendee Anjuli, who received a scholarship worth $500 at SEMI Headquarters. Over 4,000 high school students and teachers have attended HTU to learn more careers in the high-tech industry.

The students were divided into groups, where they learned of internships opportunities at KLA-Tencor, Lam Research Corporation and Ultratrech. The graduates were also given the chance to have their resumes reviewed and received feedback from several professionals in the high-tech industry. Students gained invaluable knowledge and learned of potential future career pathways. In the final activity, each student group participated in a new SEMI HTU module Engineering Design Challenge.

Group of students

The challenge was to design a revolutionary six-pack holder, which would eliminate the need for the standard and customary plastic rings. Each group of students was provided the same materials and time constraints to engineer their design. Students used creative methods, tactics and materials for designing their six-pack holders. The students concluded their day with a scholarship presentation and raffle ticket prizes.

These students are in the beginning stages of their engineering design.

Students with their design

This group successfully created their new design, relying mostly on duct tape to keep their six-pack holder intact.

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August 7, 2012