Europe - SEMI Standard Program Update: Latest news from Bavaria

Europe - SEMI Standard Program Update: Latest news from Bavaria

By Yann Guillou (, SEMI Europe Grenoble Office

Last SEMI Europe Standard meetings were held in conjunction with InterSolar Europe in Munich on June 13th and 14th. Many PV experts took the opportunities to combine one of the major European PV exhibition and conference with the SEMI PV Standard meetings.

The PV Materials committee approved three new standards related to Test methods (Test Method for In-Line Measurement of Cracks in PV Silicon Wafers by Dark Field Infrared Imaging; Test Method for In-Line Measurement of Saw Marks on PV Silicon Wafers by a Light Sectioning Technique Using Multiple Line Segment; Test Method for In-Line, Non-Contact Measurement of Thickness and Thickness Variation of Silicon Wafer for PV Application Using Capacitive Probes). Revisions to SEMI PV17-0312 and SEMI PV18-0811 were approved.  

Three SNARFs were from the International PV Analytical Test Method Task Force were also approved by the committee: a test method for in-line measurement of lateral dimensions of PV silicon Wafers, a test method for in-line characterization of PV silicon Wafers by photoluminescence, and a test method for in-line characterization of PV Silicon Wafers regarding grain size. The task force is targeting the first ballots to be ready October 2012. In addition, document 5333 Test Method for In-Line Measurement of Waviness on PV Silicon Wafers by a Light Sectioning Technique…”) was approved to go to ballot in cycle 5 and officially adjudicated at the next EU PV Materials Technical Committee Meeting in October 2012.

The PV Automation committee reviewed the ballot results of the document 4804A (New Standard: Specification for Horizontal Communication between Equipment for Photovoltaic Fabrication System). Adjudication of this document will be done in Japan in July but EU PV Automation TC reviewed the ballot results and unanimously recommended to vote in favor of this document in July. Prepared by the Wafer Traceability TF, PV Automation TC approved to submit for ballot in cycle 5 and be reviewed in October 2012 the documents 5388 (Revision to PV34, Practice for Assigning ID Numbers to PV Si Wafer and Solar Cell Manufacturers) and 5418 (Revision of SEMI PV29-0212, Specification for Front Surface Marking of PV Silicon Wafer with Two Dimensional Matrix Symbols).

Next PV Materials and PV Automation TF and TC will be in October 8th and 9th in Dresden.

In addition to the regular PV TF and TC meetings, a “Workshop on Test Methods for Silicon Feedstock Materials, Bricks and Wafers” was organized by the SEMI PV Materials Standard Committee. Chaired by Hubert Aulich of PV Crystalox and Peter Wagner, this workshop gathered renowned speakers from organizations such as Evans Analytical Group, Institute of Solar energy Research, Air Liquide, Semilab, CiS Forschungsinstitut fur Mikrosensorik und Photovoltaik, Sinton Instruments, Schott Solar Wafer, Hennecke Systems and Elkem Solar. The workshop was sponsored by Hennecke Systems and Sinton Instruments. The presentations will soon be published on SEMI Standard website.

EU SEMI Standard TC meetings will next take place from October 8th to 11th in Dresden, Germany, in conjunction with SEMICON EUROPA 2012. The preliminary meeting schedule is already on-line and registration is available at (