SEMI China Photovoltaic Standards Committee Update

SEMI China Photovoltaic Standards Committee Update

By Kris Shen, SEMI Standards

The SEMI China Photovoltaic Standards Committee’s second meeting of 2012 was held at GCL’s manufacturing facility in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, on May 11th. The China PV industry is increasingly active in SEMI Standards development and over 60 technologists from 26 companies attended the meeting, including employees Astroenergy, CESI, GCL, GDsolar, JASolar, LDK, Suntech, and Trina.

In new business, GCL submitted a SNARF for a Specification for Impurities in Polyethylene Packaging Materials for Poly-Silicon Feedstock. The quality of Polyethylene (PE) bags is very important as poor quality PE bags can contaminate the polysilicon and cause contamination during transportation. An industry-consensus standard will minimize this contamination and the associated costs and improve communication between supplier and user. The Polysilicon Packaging Materials Task Force will draft the document and will be led by Jinbiao Lv, the vice general manager of GCL.

Rulong Chen of Suntech submitted two SNARFs: Specification for front Surface Silver Paste, Used in P-Type crystalline Silicon Solar Cells, and Specification for Aluminum Paste, Used in Back Surface Field of Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells. Mr. Chen commented that, in terms of materials, silver paste is second in importance only to silicon wafers for crystalline silicon solar cells. Silver paste is used to manufacture front surface busbars and fingers and back surface soldering pads, and aluminum paste is an important in the manufacture of back-surface field. The Metal Paste for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells Task Force will draft these standards and will be led by Suntech, Heraeus, Dupont and Rutech.

In addition, a new Task Force was also developed to focus on Test Methods for In-line Monitoring of Flat Temperature Zone in the Horizontal Diffusion Furnaces and PV Diffusion Furnace Test Methods Task Force.

The committee will next be meeting in August in Chengdu at Tianwei New Energy. For the meeting agenda, please visit