SEMI HB-LED Standards Activities at SEMICON West 2012

SEMI HB-LED Standards Activities at SEMICON West 2012

The North America (NA) High-Brightness Light-Emitting Diodes (HB-LED) Committee and its associated task forces (TFs) met in conjunction with SEMICON West 2012 on Wednesday (July 11) and Thursday (July 12) at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis

HB-LED Wafer Task Force

The HB-LED Wafer TF reviewed the voting results of SEMI Draft Document 5265A, New Standard: Specifications for Sapphire Wafers Intended for Use for Manufacturing High Brightness-Light Emitting Diode Devices which was issued for the Cycle 4 voting period

Sapphire wafers are widely used in producing HB-LED devices that are used in multiple applications e.g. LCD backlights, signage and solid-state lighting.  Improving manufacturing efficiency and cost reductions are critical elements in enabling continued industry advance.  150 mm sapphire wafers represent a key inflection point to obtain these goals. 

SEMI Draft Document 5265A defines and specifies the physical geometry of 150 mm diameter sapphire wafers used in HB-LED manufacturing.  Nominal values and tolerances addressed include: general characteristics, wafer preparation characteristics, dimensional characteristics, and front surface inspection characteristics.  Standard specifications and a specification format for order entry are included to cover all requirements of the industry.  Document 5265A also includes proposed specifications for 100 mm diameter sapphire wafers.

Ballot 5265A passed technical committee review with editorial changes on Thursday, July 12.  The next step in the approval process would be to submit this document to the International Standards Committee (ISC) Audits & Reviews (A&R) Subcommittee (SC) for procedural review.  The ISC A&R SC determines whether the procedural requirements of the SEMI Standards Regulations have been met and whether a satisfactory consensus has been reached on standards actions.  The Document will be published if it passes procedural review.  Otherwise, the Document will be sent back to the TF for rework. 

The Wafer TF also discussed its progress on the wafer marking experiment characterizing mark survivability, mark width, and depth.

HB-LED Equipment Automation Task Force

The HB-LED Hardware Working Group (WG) of the Equipment Automation TF reviewed the voting results of SEMI Draft Document 5420, its first ballot attempt to develop a Specification for 150 mm Open Plastic and Metal Wafer Cassettes Intended for Use for Manufacturing HB-LED Devices.

Document 5420 was developed to define standards for cassettes used to handle 150 mm sapphire wafers in HB-LED manufacturing.  To minimize impact to the industry the TF is leveraging existing 150 mm silicon cassette standards with minor revisions.  This will allow interoperability with existing 150 mm equipment and any other 150 mm compatible products.  Considerations were taken around the cassette’s pocket size and spacing so that the sapphire wafers can be successfully transferred between cassettes with automated handling equipment.

A cassette standard will also enable standardization of load ports and transport systems. This will result in direct and indirect cost savings throughout the whole supply chain, less risk during ramp up and less effort for integration of the production line.

After reviewing the feedback from the HB-LED voting community, the TF decided to rework the ballot and resubmit it for a future voting period.

Also during SEMICON West, the HB-LED Hardware WG continued its discussion on the 150 mm load port interface specification.  A SNARF (#5468) for a New Standard: Mechanical Interface Specification for 150mm HB-LED Load Port was submitted and approved by the HB-LED technical committee on Thursday, July 12.

The HB-LED Software WG of the Equipment Automation TF made progress in its review of existing SEMI equipment communication standards and identifying the required changes for HB-LED manufacturing.  The TF will first look into basic communications standards then onto extended functionalities on SECS-II/GEM.  The initial draft is scheduled for Fall 2012.  Eventually, the task force will look into SEMI Interface A standards (i.e., E120, E125, E132, and E134) and investigate how these can be leveraged for HB-LED manufacturing.  A SNARF (#5469) for a New Standard: Specification for High Brightness LED Manufacturing Equipment Communication Interface (HB-LED ECI) was submitted by the TF and approved at the HB-LED committee meeting.

HB-LED Impurities & Defects Task Force

The Impurities & Defects TF reviewed initial responses received on the Defect vs. Inspection Technique Relevance Survey which was deployed in mid-June.  The survey aimed to identify sapphire wafer defects that are relevant or important to HB-LED manufacturing as well as inspection techniques that can be applied to identify, measure, or prevent such defects.  The TF plans to hold subsequent meetings to discuss each defect in detail and to start addressing tolerances, limits, etc.

Upcoming Meeting

The next NA HB-LED committee and task force face-to-face meetings will be held on the week of October 29 in conjunction with the NA Standards Fall 2012 meetings in San Jose, California.  For more information and to register for these meetings, please visit the SEMI Standards website.

HB-LED Activities in Other Regions
Taiwan LED Safety Task Force

The LED Safety Task Force was chartered in late 2011 under the Taiwan EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) Committee to develop specifications and guidelines related to LED manufacturing equipment.  The activities of the task force will result in the development of an EHS industry standard which equipment suppliers, raw material suppliers, module makers and other involved parties can find conformity.

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